One never to forget
53lb Simons

Tired and well a truly exhausted we have now arrived back home in Denmark. It was an 16 hour straight drive, with only a short break at Burger King to show for our efforts. We are now sat in the sofa writing this short resume of our weeks fishing at Edens. What an amazing place. In total we caught 33 fish from Jollypads to 16,5 kg (37lb). A great result for a weeks fishing in France, or so we thought. What you will read next is the look back on 12 truly amazing hours on Simons lake and a furhter 7 fish catch from there. It was Tuesday evening and everyhing was quiet on Jollypads, we had caught a fair few fish that day, but really wanted to try out the lake next door. During our first three days at the lake we had seen several big fish jump in the lake next to Jollypads, Simons lake. We did not hesitate to ask Dene permission to fish the following day on Simons lake. Soon the phone vibrated and we had got the thumps up! YES! We quickly planned the following days fishing, we would reel in the rods from Jollypads early morning, bait up the spots and fish them from the other side of the lake, there by changing the linelay to the spots and hopefully push the fish further out into the middle. Before we went to bed we made our way around to Simons lake and baited our chosen spots heavily. Because of the short period of time we were allowed to fish Simons we agreed to take turns, should we be lucky enough to hook one of those big elusive lumps that resides in the lake. We shook hands and went to bed, full of anticipation for the day to come. Before we knew off it the sunrise was upon us. At 1 pm we had three rods placed in each lake. The rods went out sweet.. It was Frederiks first ever carptrip across the Danish border, so of course he was to have the first run, and before we had the time to kick back and enjoy the sunshine the right hand rod was away.. 17,5 kg heavy mirrorcarp was soon in the unhooking mat, and the stuggle to lift the huge weight was to great ammusement for both of us. A new PB for Freddy. Great times! What followed next can not explain. At 2:30 pm the middle rod was away and I was lucky enough to catch my first french 20 kg carp (44lb). A lovely mirror of lovely propotions. Frederik did a lovely job with the camera, and we were both over the moon. The 17,5 kg was an amazing fish, but this was just redicioulus. Well.. half an hour later we had returned the 44lb mirror, the middle rod was away yet again. We did not belive our eyes when we saw the fish for the first time. It was a fu****g hippo. Frederiks legs were shaking as I commented of the size of the fish and really gave him the bollocks about it being bigger than the last fish, and that it was surely +20kg. To make a long story short the fish went into the net and on the scales it went 20,5 kg (45lb). Frederiks first ever fish over 20 kg and a what a fish it was. He did a great job hosting her for the watershots, though he still struggled to lift the fish, lol. His second p/best of the day. During the next four hours we had a triple take landing two of the three – Lovely fish of 20lb and 26lb something.. Just after we had finished dinner it was yet again my turn to be on the rods, the 6’th take of the day.. it turned out to be yet another 20 lb’er. We relased the fish and was just about to sit down when the left hand rods was away. The fish rolled over on the spot as the Delkim screamed off. The first time we saw the fish it looked to be yet another good fish, but as Frederik drew it closer it just kept on getting bigger. When the fish went over net netcord we were both just starring at eachother.. ”what the fuck is that?” Dene had told us that Simons resided some big fish, but this looked nothing short of massive! Mikkel when lifting the fish to the mat: ”Fred, either this sling if filled with water, or this is a bloody big fish.” It wasn’t water I can tell you that much.. 24 kg (53lb) massive framed mirrorcarp was starring us straight in the eyes. Well the 3’rd p/best of the day was a reality and a fish of a lifetime was printed into the minds of my younger brother Frederik. To see his face having caught that fish, and to nearly have pissed my self when he tried to lift it and his arms cramped. I wouldn’t be without it, and it will stay with me forever. I stayed on Simons until 2pm that night and returned the following morning, but that 53lb’er was the last fish we had from Simons, and what a way to fisnish of. It turned out to be a new lake record for Simons, and we got to name the fish Freddy. We hope that Freddy will put a smile on alot of happy anglers faces during this season and we want to thank Dene & Karen for a lovely week at Edenslake. We will be back in the future.. Watch out North lake 😉 All the best The Danish Brothers Mikkel & Frederik

The Danish Brothers Mikkel & Frederik


What a beautiful lake to fish on the Eden’s complex “North Lake”

Karen and Dene are wonderful hosts, lots of fish caught by our group.

Including some 40’s and 50’s

loved it and will be back

Ian Russell carp angler

A few comments from the group.

Great lake had some nice fish to 54lb looking forward to coming back,thanks Paul.

Hear hear enjoyed myself too…Nigel Hunt

Thanks Karen and Dene, great week,  Geoff (Gramps)

Ian Russell

An ASTROBIBLICAL WEEK at Eden’s…7 p/bests in a fantastic week full of fish to 56lbs and great food, Birthday parties…Thanks Dene and Karen for a great stay
cheers everybody
Darren Rolls
1602090_323272987838901_9082948589565779332_oour tutorials with Adam penning

August 2014 Adam Penning tutorial week

21 MARCH 2013
First visit to Edens and what a lovely week I had, The most tranquil and beautiful setting I have sat in for a very long time and the FOOD….Almost speechless-THE BEST i HAVE EVER HAD, put a stone on in a week, caught some lovely carp and can’t wait to come back !
Thanks for having Me
Adam PenningSONY DSC

24th May 2014
Ecstatic at the ever excellent Eden’s !Thanks for a great stay guys Top food again,top people and top fishing, see you all soon
Adam Penning


Thankyou both so much for a wonderful stay !! Great fishing, and great fish,your hospitality is second to none,food is fantastic,we wish Dene had felt better and not been rushed to hospital,Get well soon !we wanted to spend much more time on the bank with you.Love you and your family and can’t wait to come back thanks again,
Love you
Bev and Derek
Derek the Don Ritchie at Edens Lakes

Derek The Don Ritchie

Big thanks Karen and Dene for Another wonderful week at the fabulous Edens Lakes .

Colette and Mike Moore  we feel so lucky to have found such an amazing place to fish , where the fish are stunning and which has fab hosts who have looked after us all week with outstanding food and great banter. Mike and I both getting PB’s and learning lots.

Thank you both so much x x

Colette Moore

After spending a week at the Eden’s Lakes complex I came away feeling both grateful & satisfied.  I fished the North Lake which on first sightings can look a walk in the park, but don’t be fooled, the stock of the lake is hugely impressive and they don’t give themselves up easily which just adds to the appeal of the North, but with over 20 50s swimming about, you don’t expect it to be easy.  The lads on Jolly & Simons did well for the week, and if it’s runs your after then Jolly will totally suit your needs.

The lakes are immaculately maintained, the surroundings are peaceful and rural, the food is out of this world and perfectly prepared, and the on-site facilities for charging and showering etc, are first class.  There’s a bait and tackle shop on-site for those bits you may of left behind, and to be honest nothings too much trouble for Dene & Karen, which also makes the complex have that relaxing holiday feel to it.  There really is something for everyone at Eden’s, and with the chilled out atmosphere you wont fail to have a thoroughly enjoyable week, just like we all did.



Iain Macmillan

Well what can I say about Edens, first and foremost the hosts, Karen and Dene, working tirelessly through out the week around the lakes as well as preparing fantastic cooked breakfasts and a 3 course evening meal every day these pair really couldn’t do enough for everyone which for me plays a huge part in my weeks holiday, after all who wants to go away and feel like your not welcome or that everything is to much like hard work? Well let me tell you, over at Edens you won’t feel like that!!!

As for the fishing well that just speaks for itself, if your looking for a family package or a mates getaway Edens offer it all, Jolly Pads and Simon’s Lake offer superb action with plenty of chunks to go at, or if you fancy yourself as abit of a specimen hunter then why not try your luck on the North Lake, home to fewer carp but much larger residents the small intricate water really is a challenge, but, get it right and the rewards are there for the taking, during my time on the North I witnessed a new lake record of 63-12 which was well up on weight from its last capture even after spawning aswell as numerous other units along the way, this lake is already up their as a “big fish” venue, but I’m sure with Dene’s hard work and great fishery management that in a few years this lake really is going to be something quite special, and every fish will be a fish of a lifetime for the lucky captor! Tom Maker



Tom Maker

Well where do we start, after months of planning and anticipation The DanglersNation team were ready to take on the challenge of Eden’s Lakes North lake, it was a testing start for the team with less then ideal weather making the fishing very slow, team member James Silton was first off the mark with a new PB at 42lb 12oz’s fishing the deeper end of the lake.

That was the only action the team saw up until the early hours of Thursday morning when owner David Smith bagged himself a 40 to get in on the action. The team stuck to their guns and trusted in Dene’s advice and with a change for the better in the weather the lake seemed to switch on overnight as the team managed to land 6 more carp on the last day including a very welcome lake record caught by team member Jordan Hagger, a fish known as split tail weighing in at a massive 60lb 4oz’s !!!

The team managed 8 fish all in all, two 30’s, five 40’s and a complex record 60 ! A successful week for our lads.

The guys fished a mixture of Edens particle, pellet & boilie which is all available from the on site tackle shop at very competitive prices, the particle and pellet are a must as the lake is fed on this through the winter months.

Something For Everyone

Set in the heart of the French countryside Eden’s lakes offers something for everyone from experienced anglers to family fun on the smaller runs waters, All 3 carp lakes at Eden’s are fed by a number of sources which include streams and natural springs which were constructed in 1994 as part of a specific plan to create a fish farm that would produce fish for the table. The site is built on very rich agricultural land and is extremely rich in nutrients and natural foods, this is what sets Edens apart from other venues and makes the outstanding weight gains that the fish have seen possible.

The North Lake itself is aimed at the more experienced angler, loaded with big carp and plenty of target fish it definitely leaves you wanting more. It’s immaculate purpose built swims are very spacious and offer plenty of options for 3 rods, each swim different from the last and packed with underwater features. With Eden’s Lakes first 60 now confirmed it’s only a matter of time before the rest of the illusive A team make an appearance and with Dene’s knowledge and feeding programs in place the odds are pretty good on there being plenty more records broken this year at Edens.

“The hospitality shown by owners Karen & Dene was second to none, they really made us feel welcome and offered us plenty of advice and information on fishing the North Lake. Dene is an ex chef and Karen must have been one in a past life as both are excellent cooks, we were extremely impressed with the food package. A full English breakfast everyday and a 3 course meal at dinner with very reasonably priced drinks. They even popped open a bottle of bubbly for us on curry night after Jordan bagged the complex record!!

We couldn’t have asked for more from a weeks fishing in France and we can’t wait to come back and have a go at the rest of those north lake scaly’s, once again a massive thank you to Karen & Dene, see you both soon”

The Danglersnation Team

The DanglersNation Team

I have been fortunate enough to fish at Eden’s Lakes on several occasions over the last couple of years. Having fished a huge number of waters at home and abroad, I have to say it is hard to think of any that are more tranquil, relaxing and peaceful. Set in remote, rural France, it is the perfect carp fishing getaway where you can choose to either catch plenty of fish on the easier Jolly Pads or Simon’s Lakes, or tough it out for a whacker on the harder North Lake.

The hospitality is second to none with Karen and Dene preparing superb home cooked food on a daily basis, served up in their characterful little farmhouse. It’s a family run affair without the myriad bailiffs and ‘structure’ that you get at a lot of venues. Edens provides the personal touch and is one of my favourite French fishing destinations.

Adam Penning – Pro Angler

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