Bait & Tackle

Bait & Tackle

Our Krill Boilies have been tailored to perfectly suit the carp’s dietary requirements leaving them actively hunting out the bait as an ideal food source mixed with our particle and pellets.

The Krill Freezer baits 18mm

We have out own 18mm Krill Boilies specifically rolled for us in the Netherlands reasonably priced at €60 for 5kg, and have had great success with them for the last two seasons.

“The composition of this successful bait is due to the combination of LT999 fish and krill meal which is a strong smelling “fishy” flour that is rich in high-quality proteins, amino acids, unsaturated fats and a few other goodies.

The finished boilie is coarse in texture which enables the attractants and flavours to slowly leak out of the bait over a long period of time”

Along with matching pop-ups, dips and wafters

Our Krill boilies have accounted for an unreal amount of big fish, and even if we do say so ourselves, it’s undeniably a classic! Available in 18mm in 5kg bags we also carry matching pop up’s, glugs, oils  as well as a wide range of other products in our shop.

A few chopped baits and some of our Pellets in a PVA bag is a great trick for stalking and casting to fizzing fish. You will find this can be a bonus as Dene will tell you to work with your roaming rod and your results will consistently improve session after session as the fish will slip up to this method from time to time, but the harder you work the rewards will come.



Here at Eden’s Lakes we sell our own brand of mixed pellet in 5kg bags for €15, this contains different sizes of our pellet to allow for breakdown times and also contains a few extra goodies to make this appealing for the carp. This is fed all year round into our lakes. We also sell 25 kilo sacks of 9mm pellets which is our main feed to all the lakes all year round for €60.

We also prepare our own blend of particle mix onsite and is fresh on a daily basis. Dene has spent a lot of time getting this mix right so that the carp benefit from all the different ingredients.

You can collect fresh on a daily basis again in 5kg buckets for €15 but Dene does normally give out a fair bit more lol. Again this is an all year feed into our lakes and to the carp this is part of their natural diet.

As the rules state please do not bring you own pellet/particle onto our venue as you will not be allowed to use it so please leave it at home. As you can see we offer our feeds at very good prices indeed and this is to not only help you the anglers use the feeds that our fish are used to but we also know that our lakes are well maintained and know what is going into them.

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