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A very welcome winter 50.12lb mirror graced my net this evening, with the rain the last several days defrosting the lakes, I had to chance getting the rods out after putting a small amount of feed into the lake and seeing signs of fish,the decision was made and had to be fair had to be done as I have not had a chance of fishing for over a year now.So b4 the next big winter freeze that is on its way again in the next few days off I went grabbed my gear and set up for the day on the hill just by swim one as I was doing some work on the toilet block,at least it was out of the freezing wind  right on cue the rain begun,wind picked up to gale force gusts at times and the temps dropped.

I was only fishing in the areas I had fed that morning in the deeper water over pellets,particle and krill boilies. The day went really fast and the rain and wind was on and off.

I must off done 50 trips up and down that little bank trying to spot fish but did not see any more signs.Due to some work I was doing and wanting to fish as late into the evening as possible and being in the warm of the chalet with my remote out of the blue came a single bleep on the right hand rod, and me knowing the north lake fish even in the warmer months was up the the 15 yard bank on my rod and my swinger just started to move up again and beeped once more and I was in.

The 3lb test curve rod bent over nicely and the line started to peel off  the reel,wind blowing and line singing and this fish wanted to keep going and going,what seemed to be a age the fish finally stopped and turned and started to come back to me and that real heavy weight was felt in the deep water.After around 10 minutes or so and a hard fight under the rod tip off she goes again and again and again ,this fish must of had her weetabix with strong deep lunges and stripping 20 to 40 yards of line on each run.After what seemed another 15 minutes up she came and slipped into the net and I knew at that point i had a big fish.

After getting sorted and drying off a bit with a towel as i was soaked through and was lucky that i had another hoody in my car I weight her and she went 50.12lb, as you can imagine I was well happy with that especially in the winter and on a chance days fishing .I was hoping that the other rods might go off but the next few hours went by without a beep,so that was the end of that quick session and just as well as we have had heavy rain, severe gales and now snow and minus temps again.


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