As the title states……

we had a quiet one this week with two great and respect guys from the angling world of their rights,Clive and Stuart Franklin,clive was a ex greys consultant and was one of the very first people to catch the world record scar fish at over 9olb at 96lb and has been involved in many feats around the globe,and Stuart was involved in the match circuit .The guys had the north lake exclusive this week so covered as much as they could.

ANYWAY….The week started slow and with the change of tactics the fish started to come for the guys and they kept trying different things to outwit our ever growing monsters ,the weather again was very up and down all week for the lads with sunshine and great temps then rain and more rain,the guys also had me going for a little while by keeping a ¬†well lets say a bit of a secret about the fish they were catching as they wanted to surprise me towards the end,now as ive pulled out my hair this week trying to figure out what’s going on and why the fish turned off again after such a fantastic week b4 all i got to say THANKS BOYS !!!!! you wind up merchants,so as you can guess they had more fish then they lead me to believe cheeky bar-stewards xxxxxxx great laughs,great talks,sound advice and glad Stuart managed to get his personal best while visiting us at edenslakes at 47.13lb ,well done buddy and Clive we will have to add 3 of your biggies togethers to make yours lol pmsl but maybe one day.

so thanks for a great week and hope to see you on our banks again someday x

so here’s there catch report another great average and i also believe there is another two fish to go on to it,which i will add when i have the details which includes a 40lb+common

Clive……., with the box fish,45.02lb,38.04lb mirror,37.00lb mirror,35.05lb mirror,35.02lb mirror.34.08lb mirror,31.02lb mirror,35.02lb mirror,30.02lb mirror,39.03lb mirror 40.02lb common……..+2x more

Stuart……, with the split tail 47.13lb mirror p/best ,32.04lb,grassy,37.08lb grassy,32.00lb grassy,38.10lb,mirror,37.08lb common,35.04lb mirror,31.00lb mirror,29.05lb mirror,33.03lb mirror

IMG_3320 IMG_3323249105_4967327188805_1060140425_n

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