Visit Eden’s Lakes in 2017/2018

Visit Eden’s Lakes in 2017/2018

Visit Eden's Lakes in 2017/2018

Situated in the heart of the stunning Creuse region in central France, Eden’s Lakes is a must-visit destination for any keen carp fisherman. We offer three superb lakes, all stocked with some of the biggest carp out there.

Our Carp Fishing Lakes

North Lake covers five acres, while Simon’s Lake and Jolly Pad lake cover three acres each. All of our lakes feature a range of swims and you’ll be able to bivvy ¬†up in comfort while you wait to land that really big carp. In our lakes. We’re restructuring Eden’s Lakes as a specimen fishery and pride ourselves on growing some of the biggest carp in France.

Our lake beds are mainly clay with gravel and silt area that our fish like to frequent. Don’t forget your marker rod as there are some great deep holes on the lake bed where fish have fed hard. You’ll also need a pair of scales that can cope with the 60+lb carp we produce.

Thanks to our structured feeding programmes, North Lake is where you’ll catch the really big fish. Over 15+ of the fish here already weigh over 50lbs and several now in the 60lb bracket to over 66lb and others are growing all the time. Simon’s Lake is also seeing rapid growth rates, with many fish in the 30 to 50lb bracket. The conditions here are more testing for the angler, so if you like some action combined with our fast growing fish, this is the lake for you. Finally, there’s Jolly Pad with its big head of carp, Grass and Koi carp for some truly epic action angling.

Our facilities

If you love good food then we have it on offer with our great breakfasts and 3 course evening meals served in the main house, the great outdoors and of course Carp fishing, then Eden Lakes is for you. we have a bait and tackle shop to cater for all your requirements with well known sticky baits as our main supplier as well as other bait and tackle,We also offer very good toilet and shower facilities at Eden’s and are having a refit for the 2017 season, so watch this space.

So, what are you waiting for? Why not join our established and highly satisfied angling clientele and book with us today?

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