May 7th to May 21st

May 7th to May 21st

Been very slow the last couple of weeks although we have had a few nice fish still coming out,the weather has still been so up and down, the man upstairs needs to sort it out lol….we have had some lovely warm even hot days at times and then those horrible gloomy days with cold winds and then even colder rain move in. The roach had a afternoon of spawning this week but soon stopped once the weather changed again so no real signs of the carp spawning as yet even with the inspection of the fish I have seen on the bank with the females, so we need a nice break please and have a few weeks of settled weather for a change.

The fishing front as said has been slow at times and … W/C  7th May saw the North lake only produce 2 fish a 51.00lb and a 37.00lb                       But we had Edenslakes local and good friend Bob come over for 48 hours and produce 8 fish to 42.02lb from Jolly pads Lake  here is his catch      18.00lb mirror,42.02lb grassy,22.00lb mirror,31.00lb mirror,24.08lb mirror,24.04 sturgeon,24.00lb mirror,28.00lb mirror









W/C 14th May….Again still unsettled weather this week but fishing has picked up towards the end of the week and a few fish have started to come out..

Again Bob has done a short 48 hours on Jolly Pads lake for 10 fish to 27.06lb .24.04lb sturgeon,20.10lb mirror,24.08lb mirror,24.12lb mirror,27.06lb mirror,24.04lb sturgeon,21.06lb koi,20.11lb common,18.10lb common 24.04lb

and the lads on the north lake are on 5 fish so far with a few chances missed too..But the big boys and girls are not giving themselves up easy with this up and down weather as I am sure they do not know what they want to do regarding getting ready for spawning especially the females,but hey that’s fishing and that is one thing we cannot control and that is the weather patterns but we and the anglers all try our best to put fish on the bank.

North lake…40.05lb mirror,41.15lb mirror,43.04lb mirror,49.00lb mirror,36.00lb mirror











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