As the new season draws close to opening week, time to reflect on what has been going on at Eden’s over the closed winter period. Firstly sorry it has been a while since the last post but I have been unwell for a while and have been in hospital although we have had great support from the Eden’s team, family and some really fantastic friends that have been over from England to Eden’s a few times to help us out.

With their help we have managed to do a fair few jobs since we closed, the usual end of year stuff such as cutting back trees, maintenance and feeding the lakes when the weather and temps have allowed and lakes have not been frozen. Of course we did manage a bit of fishing too when we weren’t getting blasted with high winds, rain, sleet and snow followed by freezing temps to -11 which made fishing harder when we had the lads over to help out with nettings around the lakes and stock ponds and other projects. We have started a new micro-chipping/tagging programme with the fish on all the lakes, which is going very well so far and the trials and software have been working well.

After two very dry years and drought conditions we noticed a bit of a drop in our water levels at the end of the season, and we have very good water sources here at Eden’s. When the rain came did it come, with flash floods all over France but especially here with all the roads flooded, ditches overflowing and our driveway washed away. The lakes were turning over that much water that they were breaching every which way they could to get rid of the water. The inlets washed away and even one of our main pecherie monks exploded inside, it was a long and tricky job getting these rebuilt and finding the correct lake level with the amount of water coming in and going out, but we got there in the end and fixed it. AND EVERYONE THINKS THIS IS A DREAM JOB!


We have moved some of the smaller fish around but our biggest change has been to SIMON’S LAKE where we have been to other nettings with our Fish Farmer and have hand selected and stocked 40 new carp between 28.08lb to 40lb mainly 30’s to complement the existing stock of carp up to and over 55lb+ with a very good head of 30’s and 40’s which brings this great lake another step forward to becoming another big fish water on the Eden’s complex as our growth rates have been successful over the last few years as proven for the original stock, so if you cannot get on our North Lake please give this stunning Lake a go ! we are sure you wont be disappointed. We still have a few dates available in 2018 for this cracking lake so why not get in contact with us by email: [email protected] or by Telephone us on 0033555828063 to see if we have you date still available.

Also, as part of our Winter projects we have started to put up new boundary fence lines when time and weather has allowed,we have also Had a few new signs made for on site for each lake and for on the main road for directions to us. Another new feature on our NORTH LAKE for the 2018 season is that the main social bank will have electric low amp power point boxes with a light to each swim which are being custom made for us, and supplied with an extension cable/plug (for a small weekly fee) to charge your phones, baitboat batteries, dvd players, laptops/iPads etc. No heavy duty goods i.e fridges/freezers or heaters can be plugged in as the boxes are set to trip if overloaded.

Depending on the weather, time we have left and of course health we still have a few plans that could be added to the list above.

We look forward to welcoming you all to Edens in 2018

Dene and Karen

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Edens in 2018 Edens in 2018 Edens in 2018 Edens in 2018



Edens in 2018    Edens in 2018   Edens in 2018    Edens in 2018 

Edens in 2018    Edens in 2018    Edens in 2018    Edens in 2018 

Edens in 2018    Edens in 2018   Edens in 2018                                                      Edens in 2018   Edens in 2018    

Edens in 2018   Edens in 2018   Edens in 2018   Edens in 2018

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