April 23rd to May 7th

April 23rd to May 7th

23rd April

Up and down couple of weeks we have had here at Eden’s,last week was how can I describe it ?! Very very slow,from cold temps and bitter winds to minus temps at night and warm days and then heavy rain followed by hot sun and then we even had a light snow fall….Bizarre weather for this time of year..The fish didn’t know what the hell was going on and to be honest we didn’t either. So on the fishing front the lakes just did not respond and fish well at all.The anglers tried a few different tactics but to no avail I am afraid so no excuses it was just a crap week on the fishing front as the fish did not come out to play.although a few fish from Jolly pads were caught 29.00lb mirror,24.00lb mirror,19.00lb mirror and Merve the sturgeon 3 times and a lonely baby 27.00lb from the north lake.

April 30th

This week started off really well if you call all day Saturday into Sunday with torrential rain,but George on the North lake started off with a 52.00lb mirror which was his first ever 50lb fish and a new p/best SONY DSCAlso Simon’s Lake started off well too for Neil who started off with a p/best with a 42.08lb specimen  IMG_0448The two lakes continued to tick over nicely over the next few mornings with some more nice fish with Neil banking a 35+,20+and then another p/best with a 44.00lb mirror on Simon’s Lake and George on the north lake banked another 42lb common and a 43lb mirror,the weather has improved each day getting warmer and warmer but still having a chilly night or two…But as the days have been getting hotter the fishing has tailed of just a bit.










On Tuesday afternoon we had a few arrivals for a short break to fish Jolly pads Lake and that has also started well for them with some great fish so far, again a bit slow to what we are used to expect but a good stamp all the same.


As Neil and John fished on through the  week they had a couple more fish with John  catching his biggest of 32.00lbmirror and  as Neil was packing up early Friday  morning he managed to snare his 3rd 40lb+  fish of the week with a 41.10lb mirror







IMG_0101  So overall been a tough week for the  anglers but they have all worked hard for  the fish they have caught and they have  some nice tans too,but they have also  treated it as a holiday too which is nice to  see from them,so well done guys on a  difficult week and some nice fish caught



North lake….. 52.00lbmirror,42.00lb common,43.00lb mirror
Simon’s lake…42.08lbmirror,35.08lb mirror,20.12lbmirror,44.00lb mirror,32.00lb mirror,20.00lb mirror,41.10lb mirror
Jolly Pads ……24.00lbmirror 24.00lb mirror,40.00lbgrassy,31.00lb mirror,26.13lb mirror,29.05lb mirror,26.00lb mirror, 29.00lb mirror, 28.00lb mirror, 29.00lb mirror, 34.00lb mirror,20.00lb common,12.00lb mirror, 7.00lb mirror,12.00lb mirror,29.00lb mirror,26.00lb mirror,26.00lb mirror,28.00lb mirror,24.00lb sturgeon,30.00lb mirror,36.00lb common,26.00lb mirror



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