9th to 16th April ,guest angler Ian Russell

9th to 16th April ,guest angler Ian Russell

Yet another tough week with high and low weather fronts and of course I had some serious digging works to do, due to loosing a water feed pipe from the North Lake all the way down to the road then down to the house courtyard and then feeds all our stock ponds, I will not bore you all with the details but there was a lot of *£*£****&*&^&^£$  and some more !””££^&**()()(&*^^& as it was nightmare fitting new pipe work battling rain ,mud,clay,water table and old broken cement/rock tubes to try and tap into where we could,but we are all back and running again Thank God as they say !

 fishing front we had guest angler Ian Russell  here this week doing a private tutorial for some clients/friends of his and what a great bunch of guys they were too, plenty of banter and a few nice fish to 58.08lb despite the rain 

North lake….31.08lb mirror,27.00lb mirror,47.00lb mirror,58.08lb mirror,32.00lb mirror,40.00lb mirror,37.08lb mirror, 454.04lb mirror

On the other lakes the lads were have a few days here and there fishing both Simon’s and Jolly Pads.

Simon/jollies….26.10lb mirror,26.02lb mirror,25.04lb mirror,16.00lb mirror,19.00lb common ,36.08lb mirror,11.00lb common,24.10lb mirror,25.02lb mirror,23.06lb mirror,21.08lb ghosty,20.09lb mirror,20.04lb mirror,20.04lb common,27.00lb mirror,24.00lb linear,25.00lb sturgeon,24.06lb mirror,23.12lb mirror,27.00lb grassy 37.00lb mirror,30.08lb mirror,34.00lb common




















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