With the weather on the change at the begining of the week we was all expecting great changes after the last few weeks hot/high pressure and praying the fish would really put there heads down and have a mass feed,so with heavy rain and great drop in air and water temps i feel it was just a bit to much to quick in my O/P in stead of a gradual change,the nights were also very cold,so the big feed didn’t happen again as i hoped but again some nice fish were caught from the lakes and we also had some great people on again also on there first trip to France so they had there p/bests beaten more than once so they went away happy after catching a few fish between them all,plenty of banter again this week and some great laughs always keep the spirits up so well done to all again this week you battled well and caught well,and also a big thanks to tony from carp tours that bought the guys down in his transport and helping them out at the last minute and looking after Karen H on simons top marks buddy and look forward in seeing you again ,top service -x-

JOLLY PADS….16.08lb mirror,18.00lb common,22.08lb common,27.09lb mirror,24.00lb mirror,22.00lb mirror,16.00lb mirror,15.00lb mirror,19.00lb mirror,18.00lb common,24.00lb mirror,18.00lb mirror,16.00lb mirror,22.00lb mirror,19.08lb mirror,23.04lb mirror,20.00lb mirror,23.00lb mirror,20.00lb leather,36.05lb grassy,19.00lb mirror,23.08lb mirror,15.08lb mirror,13.04lb mirror,32.00lb mirror,34.08lb mirror,21.00lb mirror,21.12lb mirror,24.08lb mirror,20.00lb mirror,20.00lb mirror,23.12lb common,12.08lb mirror

NORTH LAKE ..40.06lb mirror,34.00lb mirror

SIMONS LAKE….14.12lb koi,21.00lb mirror,29.00lb mirror,30.00lb mirror,26.04lb mirror,27.12lb mirror,28.00lb mirror,28.00lb mirror32.000lb mirror26.00lb mirror,23.00lb mirror,33.00lb mirror,24.00lb mirror,22.00lb mirror,31.04lb mirror,26.04lb mirror,25.00lb mirror,27.08lb mirror,31.04lb mirror


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