6th May to 13th May

6th May to 13th May

What a difference to a new week,with dark clouds rolling in and yes the rain started again but the overall temperatures were staying up,with the new arrivals setting up on Jolly pads and the north lake it wasn’t soon before two fish were banked a mint of a common of 52.02lb and a 47.00lb mirror for the North Lake lads……so was this going to be the week we have been waiting for ?

North Lake Gallery 88North Lake Gallery 87







Ah That is what we all thought but things soon went quiet again after the stormy weather came in, the fish were showing, rolling, boiling, head & shouldering you name it they were doing it including the French finger lol. Even Jolly pads was playing hard for Ritchie and Mitch who was only here for 4 days, but as the days passed and a few missed chances on both lakes the weather settled down and a few bites eventually came, the lads on Jolly pads had a few good fish both with 30’s upto the 33lb’s+ and not a bad stamp too averaging 29lb+, and of course Merve the sturgeon for Mitch that really wanted to catch him.

Jolly pads 1 Catch Report 6th May to 13th May Catch Report 6th May to 13th May 33.00lb jolly pads lake Catch Report 6th May to 13th May

















It was mid week by the time the north lake started to pick up again with yet another 47.00lb+ mirror and a 35lb mirror, then with a few suggestions the last couple of days saw the fish coming in with a 41.oolb mirror a 34.00lb common, 36.00lb common and another p/best for Mike with a 53.00lb mirror. So the end of the week started to really come good for them and they were wishing they had a couple more days, but as they left the rain came back in so at least they got away pretty dry, great group of lads this week and made some great new friends and missing the banter, see you soon

53lb mirror Catch Report 6th May to 13th May paul 35+ unnamed 36.12 common (1) 34.03lb com

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