63lb mirror banked by Dene

63lb mirror banked by Dene

63lb mirror banked by Dene

63lb mirror banked by Dene







As the title says I managed to get a few down time days in at long last after some really busy months of building work doing the new toilet and shower facilities,new section of driveway,new social area in front of the house and of course general tidy up and tree felling around the lakes and decorating as well as the other 1000 jobs that we do,so to get out and do some fishing is bliss

Setting up late on the  Tuesday evening the rods were out at long last right into dark, The last few days the weather had warmed up but the evenings had still been a bit chilly,but I said to myself tomorrow is a new day. During the night I had a quick pick up and drop which did not result into anything and that’s how the rods stayed for the rest of the night.

The fish had been very active during the night early morning which was great to see and you just get drawn in to just laying there watching the signs of feeding/showing fish, I so wanted to re-bait the left hand rod but did not want to disturb the swim with so many fish showing at this time.

After a few hours and the morning getting on I decided it was time to rebait and position the left hand rod, After 10 minutes or so the  rod was back in position at a 155 yards with a 16mm krill boilie and a peach and peeper floro wafter sitting over 5 kilo of Eden’s Pellet/particle and a few boilies.

This was short lived as within five minutes of the rod being back in the water along came the first single beep, followed by another and another and it was time to lift into the rod and yes bingo the rod arched over and we was connected to something very heavy and moving very fast, one way then this way,big powerful runs and lunges.The fight went on for a good 25 + minutes and we still had not seen the fish, then a glimps ….so we at least knew I had a mirror connected. After another ten minutes or so battle with this powerful beast we finally slid him into the mesh.At this point we was not aware which fish I had caught,I removed the rig and let him rest a while so we got organised for the weighing and photos, I rolled the net right down and slid the sling under the big boy and at that point realised I had underestimated what I had, I had to ask for a lift with the fish to the cradle.

On inspection of opening the net their he was the Famous Split-Tail, now knowing he was in the low 60’s last year I was overcome as i last caught him at 37.04lb  a good few years ago and now I have more than likely have a new p/best on the bank.

After zeroing the sling to the scales we slid the beast into the sling and zipped up ready for the hoist up to the scales………..ching… bang on 63.00lb I was happy with that and a new personal best for me too.Regarding Split-Tail he is a little bit down on weight but was in fine health and looked in great condition and after the freezing winter we just had I am very happy with that weight to be honest. Now lt’s time to go catch some bigger girls and boys.

Anyway that was my little fishing adventure for now …….and the doors are NOW OPEN FOR 2017 SEASON so wishing all our customers new and old tight lines and hope you all achieve your goals this year

Dene -x-

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