3rd Sept to 10th Sept 60lber banked

3rd Sept to 10th Sept 60lber banked

A good steady week fishing wise on all 3 lakes with some cracking fish caught to 60lb , It has¬†turned out hot again but fishing has been good and steady on the lakes this week,Jolly pads had 33 fish to 32lb with 19 over 25lb to 32lb nice average Terry and Gary.North lake had 6 fish from 39.04 to 60.00lb and Simon’s lake had 14 fish to 39lb+,fishing slowed for the guys on there this week due to the car accident and sorting it all out and arranging for the lads to get home,

A bit of bad/good news this past week,earlier in the week after dinner a couple of our guests went out to the local supermarket and on the way out were involved in a accident.Pleased to say it was not too serious and the lads are ok and not too badly injured but both cars involved are pretty damaged and were taken away.Pretty glad Karen was around as her French was needed to help with translations for a few hours with the police b4 going to the hospital for Lee .
Lee was taken to hospital in a ambulance due to a head injury and needed a few stitches but was later released as were the people in the other car. Drew had a few cuts and bruises but was fine,so anyone that is driving over in France please be careful especially on the country roads as some of them can be a bit narrow.Also please make sure you all have the proper documents in place for your cars/vans as the police will ask for them and most of all make sure you all have European insurance cover for cars/van,hi viz vests for each person in the cars and warning triangles and accident forms from the insurance companies and some kind of medical cover cards(European health card) or separate private cover. but still a pain to sort out
At least the guys are ok that is the main thing and just the nitty gritty stuff sorting out the insurance stuff and arranging to get home .
¬†due to the car accident and sorting it all out and arranging for the lads to get home, which I am glad to say they managed to leave yesterday I would just like to say, just a reminder for everybody to check your insurance policies about your European cover,even if it say’s you are covered for 90 day period double check with the local office and make sure you do not have to pay for extra cover to cover accidents and not just breakdowns,also if your policy states fully comp with the cover but abroad is only 3rd party fire and theft.Again worth checking as Drew was left out to hang and dry by his insurance company this week after the car is a write off and not broken down ????? so due for the cost of getting it home it has been passed on for scrap over here in France.SO BEWARE AND DOUBLE CHECK PLEASE GUYS AND GIRLS


SONY DSC 48.00lb common DSC00705













North Lake…45.00lb grassy,48.00lb common,60.00lb mirror,43.04lb mirror,39.04lb common,39.12lb mirror

Simon’s lake 39.00lb mirror,20.00lb mirror,38.00lb mirror,26.00lb mirror,17.00lb mirror,17.00lb common,29.12lb mirror,17.00lb common,37.00lb mirror,19.00lb mirror,39.00lb mirror,15.00lb koi,33.00lb mirror,30.00lb mirror,19.00lb mirror

Jolly Pads.27.10 sturgeon,24.00lb mirror,28.08lb common,26.02lbcommon,14.01lb common,25.10lb mirror,23.04lb mirror,26.05lb mirror,27.04lb common,17.00lb common,27.02lb mirror,32.00lb mirror.17.10lb mirror,27.10lb mirror,27.08lb mirror,23.02lb ghostie,22.06lb common,25.08lb mirror,23.00lb common,26.00lb mirror,23.00lb mirror,27.10lb sturgeon,27.12lb mirror,25.10lb common,27.10lb sturgeon,14.07lb common,25.00lb common,25.00lb common,18.04lb common,29.06lb mirror


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