What a great week after last weeks really hot and stormy weather,even though it was still hot on certain days it was a lot cooler and it certainly help the fishing this week on all three lakes,well they have been on fire to be honest with some great captures !

The start of the week was a bit of a disaster for our good friends Neil and his family when they had car trouble several hrs away from us and had issues getting towed down to us with there big caravan,but they managed to get to us in the end and then the real hassle started as it being august and our local garages were closing for there holidays,but with the help from our son Adam and his perfect French and loads of telephone calls later we found a garage to take there car, and are ┬ánow fixing and what a great help they have been,lucky they are here for two weeksand not to far for us to drive to them for a check up,,also we have had karens Birthday bash again which was a great night with all the guys joining in and making it special,Karen say’s thankyou for all the gifts too.so again with the weather cooling down this week with a few showers the fishing kicked in for everybody,so heres a bit of a list for the lakes,we had some great guys on north lake with there sons malcom,Trev,Cameron and Jack ,big congrats to the novice Trev who showed the experts the way lol -x-but biggest fish to malcom with his new personal best of 49.00lb and Simon on simons lake with his girlfriend Mel

NORTH LAKE…….42.08lb mirror,34.06lb mirror,31.00lb mirror,25.00lb mirror,40.08lb common,38.00lb mirror,32.08lb mirror,43.14lb mirror,38.12lb mirror,36.00lb mirror,49.00lb mirror,37.04lb mirror.



SIMONS LAKE……..25.00lb mirror,29.09lb mirror,20.00lb mirror,26.00lb mirror,23.06lb mirror,26.00lb mirror23.07lb mirror,25.01lb mirror,20.03lbmirror,29.07lb common,13.08lb koi,23.07lb mirror,24.03lb mirror,sturgeon,19.13lb mirror,8.00lb mirror,sturgeon,29.00lb mirror,24.12lb mirror,sturgeon,21.08lb mirror,23.01lb mirror,sturgeon,10.00lb common,21.12lb common,23.01lb mirror,24.08lb mirror,12.07lb mirror,29.04lb mirror,25.10lb sturgeon,26.04lb mirror,32.00lb mirror



JOLLY PADS…….NEIL AND NEIL are here for two weeks and being on a family holiday they have not been fishing full time i will do a full update of there captures at the end of the second week and paste back in here but i can say they had 60+ fish the first week to 37.00lb+ so far including a few other 30’s

31.14lb mirror,22.00lb common,23.08lb mirror,19.10lb mirror,22.04lb mirror,21.04lb 10.04lb mirror,25.04lb mirror,21.06lb mirror,21.00lb mirror,37.00lb grassy,21.12lb common,19.10lb mirror,24.00lb mirror,20.00lb common,15.04lbmirror,20.00lb mirror,20.00lb mirror,20.08lb mirror,20.08lb common,20.04lb mirror,24.08lb common,20.04lb mirror,37.00lb grassy,14.08lb mirror,14.04lb mirror,19.00lb mirror,31.08lb mirror,26.00lb mirror,21.00lb mirror,21.00lb mirror,26.00lb mirror,17.12lb common,20.00lb mirror,14.12lb mirror,23.00lb mirror,26.02lb mirror,17.12lb mirror,26.00lb mirror,21.00lb mirror,38.00lb grassy,19.02lb mirror,17.08lb common,18.08lb mirror,12.08lb common,22.00lb mirror,17.00lb mirror,17.00lb common,21.12lb common,20.02lb mirror,19.00lb mirror,17.10lb mirror,12.06lb mirror,14.06lb mirror,15.07lb common,19.00lb mirror,18.04lb common,19.10lb mirror,21.00lb mirror,20.00lb mirror,20.00lb mirror,21.04lb mirror,17.00lb mirror,21.00lb mirror,22.00lb mirror,16.00lb mirror,21.08lb mirror,33.00lb mirror,20.00lb mirror,16.00lb mirror,16.00lb mirror,19.04lb mirror,18.00lb common,17.10lb common,15.06lb mirror,12.00lb common,11.00lb mirror,17.00lb mirror,19.00lb mirror,18.00lb mirror,22.00lb mirror,21.00lb common,16.00lb common 26.00lb mirror,12.00lb mirror,23.00lb common,18.00lb mirror

so well done to everyone on a great week and meeting some of you for the first time and we look forward in seeing you all next year again,Dene,Karen and the boys -x-

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