2nd July to 9th July

2nd July to 9th July

Very hard and frustrating week what with high temps and fish just not wanting to play ball, but all the guys on the complex this week have been a great bunch and have just got on with it and worked hard for the fish that have been banked, been a few fish lost/missed too which is a shame especially when it’s fishing hard as every fish is a bonus when it is tough going.

The north lake rat pack guys managed 7 fish between 31.12lb and 48.10lb, Simon’s lake this week was just a f-ing bitch especially just after last weeks spawning, fish showing and moving but just not interested this week and chances missed so no fish banked, the guys stuck at it and tried a lot of different things but to no avail,Gutted for them too and I feel down too when it doesn’t happen for any of the anglers on any of our lakes,But it does happen now and then but it is out of my control, wish it wasn’t and I had a magic wand to wave around and make all things good….. And the Jolly pads lads managed 13 fish to 32.00lb with a good stamp of high 20’s ..But poor Gleison missed a fair bit of fishing this week due to running around all over the place with my son Adam trying to sort out his van after breaking down last week on the way here so we had to arrange to get it all the way down here to our local garages because where it was taken started there holidays so nobody could look at it this week, shame as the Engine was shot and has had to be scrapped…..sad times.so again well done to everyone this week and keeping at it and with the banter and keeping the heads held high -x-

Will put a few more pics up when i receive them from there tab by email

North Lake…48.10lb mirror,38.08lb mirror,37.04lb mirror,31.12lb mirror,34.00lb mirror,33.08lb mirror,36.12lb mirror

Jolly pads  12.00lb mirror,27.00lb mirror,28.00lb mirror,15.00lb mirror,32.00lb mirror,28.00lb sturgeon,22.00lb common,23.00lb common,28.00lb sturgeon,17.00lb mirror,28.00lb sturgeon,22.00lb mirror,26.00lb mirror


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