2nd April to 9th April

2nd April to 9th April

Wow where to start, after last weeks action including fish to 66.00lb which was a great start to the season and of course the severe weather changes, this week was a bit slower and harder on the fishing front for the anglers,But again one angler stood out this week and that was John who had 5 fish…overall the weather was slightly better but with some rain and falling temps at night definitely slowed it down.the guys worked hard for the fish they caught and also a few missed chances kept the numbers down too I must admit i thought it would of kicked off better catch wise but following other catch reports from around the country we was not the only fishery having a slow week so that made us all feel a bit more relaxed and ease the pressure slightly.all the lads still enjoyed the week with us and have re-booked there return trips already.Ryan and his son Josh were here for there first visit to Eden’s and was on Simon’s,what a struggle also they had with the fish showing and jumping all over them and basically giving them the finger for most of the week.The guys tried a fair few tactics but a few missed chances and then a 36.08lb graced the net,,Josh spent a few hours here and there on Jolly pads towards the end of the week and caught a few fish to 24lb+

North Lake…. 46.14lb mirror,36.14lb mirror,47.14lb mirror,44.10lb mirror,41.00lb grassy,36.05lb grassy,34.00lb mirror

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