28th May to 4th June

28th May to 4th June

This week has been the worst week we have had for years with the amount of rainfall, on arrival day it started off really nice and as usual i managed to get my turn around done early and all grass cut and lakes cut and checked as all the departing anglers left a bit early due to all the commotion through the week with the fuel issues that had been going on in France.

Late afternoon on the Saturday can only described as brutal as the storm that rolled in was fierce with strong strong winds hailstones like marbles,lightning and thunder in which a lightning bolt hit a disused trailer in one of the top fields owed by our neighbour.

The storms lasted for a fair while and into the night with heavy rainfall to follow which seemed to keep falling and falling and as it happened continued for the rest of the week,causing many problems not just for us but the whole of France with floods and disruptions, for us it was the amount of water running into the lakes I could not let it out fast enough,we had to block our inlet streams with sand bags to stop the water  coming in and divert the water back into the side streams,block all overflow pipes into other lakes that we have in operations and also I had to pull all my pecherie grids to allow extra water to flow out to stop the lakes bursting there banks as they were lapping swims as they were.

Regarding the fishing this week the first couple of days at the weekend a few nice fish were caught by the anglers on the North Lake and first time visitors with fish to 54.14lb and by our long time regulars Ben, Max and the boys Jo Jo and young Jake on Jolly pads with fish to 47.05lb, so with a good start things look promising despite the weather, but this was short lived and the fishing slowed as the rain sped up during the week,

Fair play to the anglers this week kept plugging as with the conditions the way they were and the fishing being slow and no way to keep dry and work hard for the fish without getting soaked to the skin…hearts were down,but the odd fish that comes out boosts the morale and the guys keep going and working for a fish or two and were reward nearer the end of the week as the rain eased slightly. So here are a few pics and the catch reports below as said not a massive amount but very pleasing during one of the most horrible weeks for a long time,well done to all you guys and especially all the personal bests that were broken aswell this week so not a complete failure .

North Lake…36.05lb mirror,41.10lb mirror,48.06lb mirror,54.14lb mirror

Jolly Pads….24.08lb sturgeon,7.08lb mirror,24.08lb mirror,24.08lb stugeon,29.08lb common,16.00lb common,26.00lb mirror,41.00lb grassy,25.04lb coomon16.00lb mirror,21.05lb mirror,30.00lb mirror,11.07lb common,19.00lb common,41.00lb grassy,24.08lb sturgeon,25.00lb mirror,27.00lb mirror,25.00lb mirror,14.00lb common,19.00lb common,47.05lb grassy,22.00lb common 19.06lb mirror























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