23rd July to 30th July

23rd July to 30th July

Yet another hot week, we was hoping for the fishing to of picked up a bit after our little mid season break to rest the lakes, but to honest the shut down we was glad there was no anglers on as the temperatures soared to 40 + degrees. So new week new anglers and although the temps were cooler it was still very hot all week and the fishing started off well and as the week went on the fishing slowed on all lakes as the fish were just not interested on feeding, but there again we was not either in the heat, there were some nice fish caught but numbers were low. The anglers worked well and stuck to it and had some great banter along the way and of course some of the guys enjoyed themselves too as it was a week away in the sun chilling and getting a tan too.

Anyway the fishing was hard and a few chances missed on all lakes and the numbers were low but here are the catches I have so far ,I am awaiting a report form from Jolly pads as one of the lads forgot to hand it back into me as he was leaving at 4 am,but I was informed it was about 15 fish to around 33lb + inc a couple of 30’s I am waiting for all the pics,well done to everyone this last week all great guys and great angling spirits and did not give in till the end.

This next week has started off very well again lets hope it stays but again very hot….

Jolly Pads…27.05lb mirror,18.01lb mirror,16.08lb common,20.07lb ghostie,18.04lb common,21.02lb koi,27.05lb,18.00lb mirror,17.08lb mirror, and then the 15 fish to 33.00lb i have not got the sheet for just yet or the pics

Simon’s Lake…37.12lb mirror,20.00lb common,10.00lb common,

North lake…..36.08lb mirror,43.11lb common,35.00lb mirror


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