21st May to 28th May

21st May to 28th May

Bang what a soaring day was arrival day,it really does go from extreme to the other this year, from cold to hot days and then storms roll in and from 30 deg to 11 deg and then non stop rain for 36 hours,The fish really do not know what’s happening to them this year,and I am sure they want to spawn but we just need that settled period to help them on there way.

Anyway a few changes this week as the north lake lads had a bit of a birthday week and as I knew them they asked if they cold start on Jolly pads for a bit of fun and a social as it was free this week to try and get some fish on the bank and then maybe go up to the North mid week, anyway things were up in the air with a few fish banked upto Monday but the weather was shocking,but as the week went by it had settled to sun and cloud with the odd shower but stable.A s the week continued the fishing picked up,the lads on Simon’s Lake struggled but had some nice fish,Jolly pads had a good run of fish and two of the lads moved and was a good shout as Dan listened to my advice regarding how to fish the lake and spots and how to keep the particle and pellet application going and it paid off for him with a few fish to 64,04lb with a couple of p/bests broken on the way.

North Lake..33.00lb common, 46.00lb mirror,64.04lb mirror

Simon’s Lake..37.00lb common,42.06lb mirror,36.00lb common,43.00lb common

Jolly Pads……26.02lb mirror,24.02lb mirror,26.00lb sturgeon,26.00lb sturgeon,22.05lb mirror,18.08lb common,24.04lb mirror,9.06lb mirror,18.02lb mirror,22.12lb mirror,10.10lb common,24.00lb mirror,22.00lb mirror,25.02lb common,35.08lb mirror,15.00lb mirror,19.08lb mirror,19.04lb mirror16.00lb mirror,16.00lb mirror,24.08lb sturgeon,28.12lb mirror,23.08lb common,23.00lb common,27.09lb common,10.01lb mirror,18.02lb mirror,20.08lb common,26.09lb mirror,19.06lb linear mirror,28.07lb mirror,8.03lblb mirror

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