What a couple of rough weeks we have had here at Edenslakes with the weather,scorching hot hitting close to 40°deg at times and then plenty of thunderstorms,but with the thundertsorms not much rain at all and mainly electrical so it did not freshen the air to much,the lakes have really slowed down during this time ,mind you ! who wouldn’t lol

ANYWAY……had nick ,kevin and neil on from the 20th and what a great bunch of chaps,i met Kevin last year and he brought Nick and Neil back this year to see us and hopefully catch some fish ,,north lake was playing up and hard to get so they moved onto Jolly pads and had the odd dabble into simons lake where they enjoyed themselves immensely and we had plenty of banter ,and well done Kevin as his friends came first -x- both the guys caught 30lb fish and had new personal bests several times,even kevin managed a few to 33lb during some very hot conditions

25.00lb common,24.00lb mirror,15.00lb mirror,22.00lb mirror,27.00lb mirror,17.00lb mirror,24.00lb common,22.00lb common,28.00lb mirror,30.00lb mirror,24.00lb mirror,30.00lb grassy,17.00lb mirror,20.00lb mirror,28.00lb sturgeon,27.00lb mirror,33.00lb mirror





And another scorching start of a week,but it soon changed at dinner time on saturday,had 3 of my buddies here Mike,Pete and Wayne ,after a real hot ,still, sticky,muggy day the lads came up a bit early for dinner for a couple of beers and thats when all Hell broke loose,when a almighty storm well hurricane came from nowhere,the fields were flattened,debris was flying around with horizontal rain lightning and thunder,water was leaking in our roof due to tiles being ripped off,my swimming pool pump had been smashed and tables upturned and broken as well as trees flatened and our telephone lines were now down,and then we had discovered that 3 more of our really big oak trees had been struck by lightning and bringing them all down to the ground,we have never seen such a storm in our time in france,and have found out and have a great picture of the supercell that caused it all from a few departments over,so after the carnage and clean up this week and fixing things well lots of things its still been hard fishing for the lads as the temps just soared straight back up again after the storm,Pete had a good week on the north with 3 xfish to 42.13lb and 1 lost but the other guys struggled,Mike and Wayne had a few bait issues at the begining of the week and had to stop using there boilies,I HAVE NOW ALSO BANNED THE USE OF THE  COMPANY HERE AT EDENSLAKES,Imust say the GUYS worked very hard this week but the fish just didn’t want to play ball for them,so the guys have been having a bit of sport on simons lake to get a couple of fish the last couple of days

42.12lb grassy,37.08lb mirror,40.15lb grassy,26.06lb mirror,27.07lb mirror,25.12lb mirror,10.00lb koi,15.00lb koi,23.07lb sturgeon,17.00lb mirror

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