20th August to 27th August , hot hot hot !

20th August to 27th August , hot hot hot !

What a great week despite the soaring temps to 40 deg+ again and having Edens regulars and Friends and made new Friends too couple of nice socials this week and plenty of banter and laughs which always helps when things are tough,plenty of sun tans this week too,Boys were happy playing in the pool all week and not letting all us adults in to cool down,I wasn’t to bad as I had to get into the lakes a few times especially in the silly o’clock times to recover lost lines so I did get the chance to cool off.,fishing was hard but some cracking fish caught and a few p/bests broken,North lake was a Bitch this week and “No fish Banked”, Jolly pads had 18 fish to 32.00lb and Simon’s lake had 14 fish to 40.02lb including several nice 30’s to 39.10lb.Few pics below of some of the fish caught this week..Lets see what the new week ahead turns up.

While I am on the subject of lost lines and tackle,This week alone we have retrieved 5 separate lines/rigs from fish ,so crack offs or general lost lines that have not been reported again to me,I removed one from the north lake the other day that had been in the trees with around 60 yards of line,but the rig had ….by what I could work out gone through the trees and gone back into the water and picked up by a fish and then was tethered ,for how long I have no idea,the others have just been left in the lakes and not been reported,….every week I ask the anglers to tell me if they loose gear and no one is in trouble just so we can monitor what is in the lakes if it is rigs but if there is loads of line then maybe we have a chance to remove them.

If this continues to happen then I will have to make drastic changes to our rules for next season where all anglers rigs will be checked b4 they go into the lakes again and again and photographed and named ¬†and then there will be spot checks at different times of the day and night…..Harsh yes but if this is what it takes to stop all the lines being left in our lakes and snagging our fish and cutting them up and even killing them then it will be enforced….so lets hope we don’t need to go down this route ladies and gents.

many thanks Dene

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