18th June to 25th June Hot Hot Hot !

18th June to 25th June Hot Hot Hot !

What a mixed week,started off well,then boom the searing heat hit us hard with temps into the high 30’s and the lakes slowed down as you would expect after the terrible weather we keep getting on and off,we would love to have just 1 complete settled week,well nothing different there then as the thunderstorms returned and so has the rain which has cooled it down typical as BOTH Simon’s and Jollies lakes are spawning this morning ┬ábut at least Simon’s lake is free this week so at least it can be rested and let the fish get on with things,although Jolly pads have had little fits and starts all week,

The lads finished on 14 fish to 29.04lb on Jollies,North lake was very slow this week with a 40.08lb for Keith and a cracking 57,00lb for Stuart which was a fish We have not seen for a long time 20 months infact and was named Colins fish but at least he is looking fit and healthy. Simon’s lake fished ok for David and even his good lady Lorena got into the action with a 49.15lb mirror for big fish Friday and with David with a 45.03lb mirror and 10 fish for the week which included some good 30’s too.,well done to all this week in the heat and trying some new things and getting on with the fishing and also some nice stalking to sneak a few fish out too,Many thanks to you all this week.




JOLLY PADS….26.00lb sturgeon,23.00lb mirror,25.08lb mirror,26.00lb sturgeon,27.08lb mirror,17.00lb mirror,29.04lb grassy,12.02lb mirror,26.00lb mirror,13.00lb common,25.04lb sturgeon,24.00lb mirror,20.00lb mirror,26.00lb sturgeon

SIMON’S LAKE…31.06lb mirror,38.01lb mirror,38.06lb mirror,34.00lb mirror,33.03lb mirror,21.09lb mirror,22.08lb mirror,21.00lb mirror,49.15lb mirror,45.03lb mirror

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