Well what a couple of strange weeks fishing it has been,good for some and not so for a couple of others but not for the want of trying which is a shame ,the weather has been so up and down form soaring temps in the mid 30’s to dropping down to double figures and as low as 5 deg at night then back up to high 20’s+low 30’s to solid rain,this in fact i thought would balance the fishing for the guys fishing from the 14th but how wrong can i be !!! yep i can be wrong sometimes,although it started well and it did with seeing a NEW 50.04LB MIRROR ON THE BANK… it died to death and the fishing slowed on all the lakes as the rain fell,and then as fast as it came the sun came out and the soaring temps were back again,so well done to the guys that visited us over the last couple of weeks,and congrats on a few of the personal bests also acheived and there was some awesome fish just not in the numbers we all hoped for and for the guys that struggled on the north lake and lost  a few fish due to hook pulls ect… i/we feel for you especially as it was hard going condition wise and the runs were shy ,so well done again from us all and i know we shall be seeing many of you again in 2014,xxx

colin had a great start on the north lake with a cracker of a 50.04lb mirror and a 45.00lb mirror and then at the end of the week moved onto simons lake for a couple of days with his family where  they had a few fish even young megan had a fish on her dads rods and his partner Noelle had a 35lb+ pb yippee

colin …50.04lb mirror,45.00lb mirror,24.12lb mirror,28.00lb sturgeon,23.04lb mirror,31.12lb mirror,34.10lb mirror,26.00lbsturgeon,35.05lb mirror,27.00lb mirror,11.00lb mirror,30.04lb mirror,24.05lb mirror,15.00lb mirror

also on was Max ben and young JoJo on the dads and lads package we offer on simons,on there first vist to France and despite the terrible start with the rain and getting set up and settled down,towards the end of the week the fish started to move in for them and breaking a few personal bests also especially for young JoJo which is what the trip was all about,

28.00lb mirror,22.08lb mirror,31.05lb mirror,26.08lb sturgeon,28.00lb mirror,32.00lb mirror,18.00lb common

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