13th August to 20th August 64lb landed

13th August to 20th August 64lb landed

This week so far we have seen John land the mighty split tail at 64.00lb, and was his new P/best, not bad for his first day/nights fishing, the lads said if anyone would catch a lump he would lol, we have not seen Split-tail for a long while  so was nice to see him, I was a little deflated on the weight this season going on previous years but he is slightly up on last year and is fighting fit, we did have some hassle with him going back as he did not want to swim away.

The guys spent a long with him to no avail, although he was pumping his gills and moving well he just would not swim away.I also jumped in the water with him and sat with a oxygen bottle for a hour to give him a boost, which Split-tail seemed to enjoy but again just chose to stay by us, he did eventually swim away on his own which was a relief to us all.

So to all customers that are coming to Eden’s and are reading this always take that little extra care and not to rush putting the fish back just incase they decide not to play ball, we have our aerators running too to help the lakes during this warm spell but these fish do fight hard and give there all, but any doubts just come and get me.

We also have Jack and Josh on a short break on Jolly pads this week, been tough for them too in this hot spell and they have worked the lake well, they have had a great stamp of fish but numbers have been a bit low ,they did have a few hook pulls too so kept the rate down a little bit.

Below is John and his 64lb+









North lake …43.08lb Grassy,40.02lb common,64.00lb mirror

Jolly Pads….26.05lb sturgeon,27.06lb mirror,24.00lb mirror,24.06lb mirror,20,00lb mirror,17.00lb common,26.05lb sturgeon,12.00lb common,26.00lb mirror,31.08lb mirror,14.00lb ghostkoi,19.00lb mirror,

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