11th June to 18th June Rain,Rain & more Rain !

11th June to 18th June Rain,Rain & more Rain !

It’s back…….Just as the heading said the horrible wet stuff returned this week and rained every day, although not as bad as several weeks back it was enough to flood the grounds again and get me on lake watch again keeping the inlets diverted on certain lakes and the pecheries flowing at max. It was a quiet week this week with a exclusive on north lake and a young couple on Jolly pads for there first visit to France, shame they had the wet stuff all week.

With all this going on the arrival day didn’t start to bad with a couple of fish getting caught and then on the Sunday new personal bests for little Jem as we called her with a 42lb from Jolly pads. So things were looking good despite the weather but as it turned and got worse everyday so did the fishing as it slowed down with the odd fish being caught,the north lake only managed 3 fish with a couple lost/hook pulled so that lowered the rate and Lloyd and Little Jem managed 12 fish too from Jollies and did enjoy a bit of stalking in the rain so fair play to them,I will get some pics added once received form there phones.But during all this wet weather spirits were high and lots of banter through the week and everyone bonded well and a few socials were had between everybody.I even managed to do some work in Simon’s Lake clearing loads of grasses,reeds and asparagus grass from the swim areas and had a little swim around looking for lost lines,and thanks for my friend Bob coming down to help and keep a eye on me and doing some swim clearing also , so at least there was something to do even though it was raining.

Well this week is looking a little better so we are hoping the fishing picks up again and we have a good week for the anglers fish and weather wise, so here is a list below of this weeks catches.

North lake….30.00lb common,38.04lb Grassy,44.04lb grassy

Jolly Pads Lake…..26.00lb mirror,22.08lb mirror,42.00lb grassy,21.00lb mirror,12.00lb common,27.00lb mirror,37.00lb mirror,27.00lb common,28.00lb sturgeon,26.00lb common,28.00lb sturgeon,36.00lb mirror

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