10TH AUG TO 17TH AUG Film Crew Week

10TH AUG TO 17TH AUG Film Crew Week

As the title says we have had a film crew here at edenslakes this week doing some footage which consists of mike salisbury and melvin cox,both known in there own rights in the uk,melvin for his bait firm A M bait services and for being a level 2 angling coach,and carp fisherman from the mid 80’s and Mike is a  fully qualified Level 2 Angling Coach, and has been fishing for over 25 years. a member of the Professional Anglers Association. As well as the coaching, his principal involvement in angling has been the production of videos, the first of which was the official World Carp Classic event video in 2001. I was also responsible for the production of the WCC 2003 and 2009 videos Since 2010 angling school and of course for his film work and his links with nash tackle etc….,he has worked and done several features for some well known fisheries over the years, a vibrant, up-and-coming Youtube channel called “Angling Coach TV”, which is gradually increasing in popularity. On there you will find his WCC videos, lake promo videos and a few surprising extras.and he also produces content for Nash TV.
Mikes sponsors are: Nash Tackle, Rod-Box, Pete’s Tackle, Churchgate Lakes, Carp Connections, A Space in Essex and Go-Catch.due to being so busy this season on all 3 lakes it was hard to fit the guys on ! but we did and what fun it has been,we decided to start them on simon’s lake and they have had some cracking carp for the camera into the 30s bracket and in numbers,we have also just been joined this week by very well known carp angler and product designer WORLD CARP CUP WINNER !…… Mark Gardner…… who owns  Carp-Tech Innovations for a guest slot,the guys have had around or over 50+ fish now and am just waiting for the final figures,so as from saturday/today we will be having the challenge of the specimen north lake and see if we can get some of the big girls to play ball for the camera,i will also be joining the guys on and off but some of us still have to work lol -x-



SIMON’S LAKE……..26.04lb mirror,32.04lb mirror,25.00lb sturgeon,24.10lb mirror,23.06lb mirror,15.00lb koi,21.08lb mirror,30.12lb mirror,25.08lb mirror,28.08lb mirror,25.10lb mirror 28.08lb mirror,27.08lb mirror,27.02lb mirror,22.00lb mirror,24.08lb mirror,28.00lb sturgeon,22.08lb mirror,22.08lb common,27.00lb mirror,21.00lb mirror,19.00lb mirror,26.000lb mirror,16.00lb common,28.08lb mirror,31.08lblb mirror,21.00lb mirror,28.08lb mirror,23.00lb mirror,12.00lb mirror,26.08lb mirror,28.08lb mirror,28.12lb mirror,23.00lb mirror,31.00lb mirror,29.12lb mirror,26.08lb mirror,30.00lb mirror,31.00lb mirror,26.08lb mirror,27.02lb mirror,25.04lb mirror,23.07lb mirror,28.07lb mirror,25.02lb mirror,25.09lb mirror,23.10lb mirror,25.00lb sturgeon,25.00lb mirror

a view of simons lake







So Neil and Neil on jolly pads had a great time with there family after there disaster last week of getting ,and their car is still not ready so we are having to get them to the airport on monday so they can fly home,but they have enjoyed there fishing with 86 fish and a few dropped/hook pulls but a very still respectable haul

JOLLY PADS LAKE…..31.14lb mirror,22.00lb common,23.08lb mirror,19.10lb mirror,22.04lb mirror,21.04lb 10.04lb mirror,25.04lb mirror,21.06lb mirror,21.00lb mirror,37.00lb grassy,21.12lb common,19.10lb mirror,24.00lb mirror,20.00lb common,15.04lbmirror,20.00lb mirror,20.00lb mirror,20.08lb mirror,20.08lb common,20.04lb mirror,24.08lb common,20.04lb mirror,37.00lb grassy,14.08lb mirror,14.04lb mirror,19.00lb mirror,31.08lb mirror,26.00lb mirror,21.00lb mirror,21.00lb mirror,26.00lb mirror,17.12lb common,20.00lb mirror,14.12lb mirror,23.00lb mirror,26.02lb mirror,17.12lb mirror,26.00lb mirror,21.00lb mirror,38.00lb grassy,19.02lb mirror,17.08lb common,18.08lb mirror,12.08lb common,22.00lb mirror,17.00lb mirror,17.00lb common,21.12lb common,20.02lb mirror,19.00lb mirror,17.10lb mirror,12.06lb mirror,14.06lb mirror,15.07lb common,19.00lb mirror,18.04lb common,19.10lb mirror,21.00lb mirror,20.00lb mirror,20.00lb mirror,21.04lb mirror,17.00lb mirror,21.00lb mirror,22.00lb mirror,16.00lb mirror,21.08lb mirror,33.00lb mirror,20.00lb mirror,16.00lb mirror,16.00lb mirror,19.04lb mirror,18.00lb common,17.10lb common,15.06lb mirror,12.00lb common,11.00lb mirror,17.00lb mirror,19.00lb mirror,18.00lb mirror,22.00lb mirror,21.00lb common,16.00lb common 26.00lb mirror,12.00lb mirror,23.00lb common,18.00lb mirror

and of course there was Andy on the north lake that smashed his personal best with a cracking 53.00lb mirror,again its been a hard week for the lads on there with a few lost fish/missed runs/hook pulls but they are in fine spirits being  a family member caught  and was glad they saw the 50


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