The Danish Brothers Mikkel & Frederik

The Danish Brothers Mikkel & Frederik

One never to forget
53lb Simons

Tired and well a truly exhausted we have now arrived back home in Denmark. It was an 16 hour straight drive, with only a short break at Burger King to show for our efforts. We are now sat in the sofa writing this short resume of our weeks fishing at Edens. What an amazing place. In total we caught 33 fish from Jollypads to 16,5 kg (37lb). A great result for a weeks fishing in France, or so we thought. What you will read next is the look back on 12 truly amazing hours on Simons lake and a furhter 7 fish catch from there. It was Tuesday evening and everyhing was quiet on Jollypads, we had caught a fair few fish that day, but really wanted to try out the lake next door. During our first three days at the lake we had seen several big fish jump in the lake next to Jollypads, Simons lake. We did not hesitate to ask Dene permission to fish the following day on Simons lake. Soon the phone vibrated and we had got the thumps up! YES! We quickly planned the following days fishing, we would reel in the rods from Jollypads early morning, bait up the spots and fish them from the other side of the lake, there by changing the linelay to the spots and hopefully push the fish further out into the middle. Before we went to bed we made our way around to Simons lake and baited our chosen spots heavily. Because of the short period of time we were allowed to fish Simons we agreed to take turns, should we be lucky enough to hook one of those big elusive lumps that resides in the lake. We shook hands and went to bed, full of anticipation for the day to come. Before we knew off it the sunrise was upon us. At 1 pm we had three rods placed in each lake. The rods went out sweet.. It was Frederiks first ever carptrip across the Danish border, so of course he was to have the first run, and before we had the time to kick back and enjoy the sunshine the right hand rod was away.. 17,5 kg heavy mirrorcarp was soon in the unhooking mat, and the stuggle to lift the huge weight was to great ammusement for both of us. A new PB for Freddy. Great times! What followed next can not explain. At 2:30 pm the middle rod was away and I was lucky enough to catch my first french 20 kg carp (44lb). A lovely mirror of lovely propotions. Frederik did a lovely job with the camera, and we were both over the moon. The 17,5 kg was an amazing fish, but this was just redicioulus. Well.. half an hour later we had returned the 44lb mirror, the middle rod was away yet again. We did not belive our eyes when we saw the fish for the first time. It was a fu****g hippo. Frederiks legs were shaking as I commented of the size of the fish and really gave him the bollocks about it being bigger than the last fish, and that it was surely +20kg. To make a long story short the fish went into the net and on the scales it went 20,5 kg (45lb). Frederiks first ever fish over 20 kg and a what a fish it was. He did a great job hosting her for the watershots, though he still struggled to lift the fish, lol. His second p/best of the day. During the next four hours we had a triple take landing two of the three – Lovely fish of 20lb and 26lb something.. Just after we had finished dinner it was yet again my turn to be on the rods, the 6’th take of the day.. it turned out to be yet another 20 lb’er. We relased the fish and was just about to sit down when the left hand rods was away. The fish rolled over on the spot as the Delkim screamed off. The first time we saw the fish it looked to be yet another good fish, but as Frederik drew it closer it just kept on getting bigger. When the fish went over net netcord we were both just starring at eachother.. ”what the fuck is that?” Dene had told us that Simons resided some big fish, but this looked nothing short of massive! Mikkel when lifting the fish to the mat: ”Fred, either this sling if filled with water, or this is a bloody big fish.” It wasn’t water I can tell you that much.. 24 kg (53lb) massive framed mirrorcarp was starring us straight in the eyes. Well the 3’rd p/best of the day was a reality and a fish of a lifetime was printed into the minds of my younger brother Frederik. To see his face having caught that fish, and to nearly have pissed my self when he tried to lift it and his arms cramped. I wouldn’t be without it, and it will stay with me forever. I stayed on Simons until 2pm that night and returned the following morning, but that 53lb’er was the last fish we had from Simons, and what a way to fisnish of. It turned out to be a new lake record for Simons, and we got to name the fish Freddy. We hope that Freddy will put a smile on alot of happy anglers faces during this season and we want to thank Dene & Karen for a lovely week at Edenslake. We will be back in the future.. Watch out North lake 😉 All the best The Danish Brothers Mikkel & Frederik

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