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Our three lakes at Eden’s Lakes just into the La Creuse in the beautiful tip of the Limousin region are reputed to be one of the best places to fish for carp in France.

All three carp lakes are supplied with fresh water from nearby streams and underground springs, giving the fish a clean, healthy water supply and although different in size, each lake is carefully managed to suit anglers of any age, skill and ability.

Simon’s LakeSimons Lake at Edens Lake  specimen lake 2





Simon’s Lake is 3 acres in size with two Large doubles and 1 single swim that have all been built with bulky timbers and have all been filled with hardcore for good drainage and topped with soft gravel for your bivvy to sit on and can have upto 4 anglers per week, Simon’s lake has been coming on very strong the last couple of years with the weight gains on it’s fish and is now our second specialist lake, in another year or two this is going to be a massive big fish water too just behind our north lake.The lake is mainly a hard clay bottomed lake with lumps and bumps silt patches and gravel patches and bars and a few over hanging trees and with around 100+ fast weight gaining carp up to and above 55lb+. Simon’s has a fantastic stock of fish already above 30lb,with a very high number of 40’s up to and above 55lb+ and with a few 50’s coming through every season this certainly is up and coming as a big fish water too.Nice beds of pellet and particle with a mix of chops,whole krill boilie works well either spombing or by using a baitboat.

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Jolly Pad LakeJolly Pad Lake at Edens Lakes – Action lake





The Jolly Pads Lake is over 3-acres and we have set this lake up to be a bit more relaxing for the angler as an Action lake with 130+ weight gaining carp up to and above 51.08lb+ with a nice stock of hard fighting 20’s, 30’s a few 40’s to 51lb+, we also have Merve the sturgeon some nice koi and some big grass carp also into the 51lb bracket.

North LakeNorth Lake at Edens Lake – Difficult, for sportsmen who love a challenge





The North Lake is Eden’s Lakes number one specimen lake and at just over 5 acres in size is an out and out specimen big fish water.

While it’s the most difficult and more technical lake on the complex to fish… so therefore not for the faint -hearted. It is very hard to give advice in advance on the North Lake as it is always changing day to day,  week to week but that’s the challenge that we desire for a big fish venue. Dene will always be on hand give you the help, advice and his knowledge & experience as needed. All swims have various features and spots in front of them be it lumps, bumps, holes, silt beds, gravel patches and hard clay/sandy areas, it is also the most rewarding lake, with the average size of carp in excess of 68.00+lb at this time with several more 60lb+fish and a very very good head of back up 50’s and 40’s and a fair few good 30’s to go at. Nice beds of particle and pellets with a few chopped/whole Krill boilies works very well either to tight beds of spombed mix or using baitboats. North lake has 1 bank that has a single, a double and then two more single swims on one bank all made with bulky timbers with layers of hardcore and stone for good drainage and nice soft gravel on top for your bivvies. It is also great as a social bank and there is a natural grass swim for single/double on the back side of the lake. The North Lake can be for single, pairs or small groups to 5 anglers or exclusive bookings

Edens Lake Location - Places to Fish For Carp in FranceWe’re easy to find

Located in the heart of France you’ll find our carping complex a doddle to find! 5-6 hours drive depending on stops and speed.

Whether you’re taking the Euro Tunnel or braving it on one of the 60 daily sailings of P & O Ferries directions can be found on our Find Us page. Safe travel guys!

As one of the best places to fish for carp in France facilities at Eden’s Lakes included

Parking is available at designated lake side parking spots.

Dene and Karen offer fabulous food packages for breakfasts and  3 course evening meals.

Two fantastic boilies from sticky baits the krill & bloodworm can be purchased on site at our bait and tackle shop

Edens Lakes - Places to Fish For Carp in France

The beauty, tranquillity, and friendly services at Eden’s Lakes is a joy to all who stay making it one of the best places to fish for carp in France and the reason why anglers return year after year.

We’re already taking bookings for 2019 so if you’d like to experience the best place to fish for carp in France then hurry, head over to our availability page and net yourself a truly unforgettable fishing experience! For more information on the packages we offer then feel free to give us a call on +33 (0)5 55 82 80 63.


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