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Eden’s Lakes is a big carp fishing complex in the La Creuse region in France. Built on land previously used for agriculture and built as a fish farm the rich soil ensures the waters at Eden’s Lakes have an over-abundance of natural foods As a result, it’s a magnet for visitors looking for the best in fishing in France.

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The perfect haven for fishing

Over the years, this landscape has created the perfect conditions for its carp to grow to massive sizes. Without a doubt, Eden’s Lakes is an ideal location for big carp angling. There are three carp fishing lakes, originally constructed over twenty years ago. The lakes also contain purpose-built, oak-timbered swims which are ideal to fish from. Layers of hard-core fills for drainage and a gravel topping will provide protection for your bivvies. Also, in each swim, there are monster cradles, floatation slings and tripods.

Clay and silt-bottomed with gravel areas often frequented by the fish. All of the lakes at Eden’s contain common, mirror and grass carp. In addition, you’ll find koi in the three-acre Simon’s Lake, and also in the three-acre Jolly Pad Lake, along with sturgeon.

Most notably, the number of anglers per lake is limited to a minimum, making the resort an exclusive area for fishing and providing plenty of space for anglers to remain undisturbed.

lakes arielOur fishing lakes

The North Lake is the number one specimen lake and is an impressive five acres in size. It’s a difficult lake to fish, which makes it ideal for anglers that relish a challenge. It is also the most rewarding lake, with the possibility of landing carp that weigh more than 68lb+On the other hand, Simon’s Lake was originally created for action water fishing. It is now on the way to being Eden’s Lakes second specimen lake with a impressive stock in excess of 55lbs

The Jolly Pad Lake is also a great lake for anglers that want a bit of action and fun with carp to 51.08lb+ and can be hired for exclusive use, making it well suited to small parties. For families, there is enough land to allow children plenty of space to run around without disturbing other anglers.

Can you get a new lake record?

facilitiesAbout the Eden’s Lake complex

We provide fully equipped and refurbished shower and toilet facilities, plus an on-site dining room located in the main house where visitors can book a food package that includes breakfast and a 3 course dinner. Dene worked as an award-winning chef for many years in the UK and with Karen who is also a fantastic cook has ensured that the menu is specially put together to satisfy the gastronomic needs of anglers for the last 15 + years in France.

For bait and tackle, visit our onsite tackle shop which stocks two boilies from Sticky Baits: both krill and bloodworm and a full range of products and end tackle. At Eden’s Lakes, we also mix our own pellets and particles, which are available for sale.


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