Wow what can i say i have had a fab weekends fishing with my son conor and had a walk in guest to book for five days!!

where to start ermmmm ,well i set up camp on friday afternoon and started baiting up the swims,got the old spod rod going and boy was it tough in 30+ degrees,anyway conor arrives hom from school and comes over ready for the night spots, the temps really dropped during the night and i lost the only take of the night on the one and only snag in the lake gutted but no tackle lost ,then i did the same on sat morning,Saturday was another scorcher but didnt detere us,teaching conor how to use the spod and marker rods as not a lot was happening,but i found a lovely spot on the margin to conors left and decided to bait heavy and put a bait on top,all day twitch twitch twitch but nothing,so now the day had gone by and the temps didnt drop as much as friday night ,At 1.30 am conors margin rod screemed off and after a good battle for 20 or so minutes i slipped the net under a nice lrg looking mirror,broke my net down and when i went to lift it my brain actually kicked in this is a gooddddddd fish,after weighing and read the scale at 40 lb excact i got a second set out and re weighed just to confirm and bang on the nose 40.00lb a new pb for conor,well pleased and he got his bucket of water as it was his first forty,well happy,He then got another take at around 3 am and unfortunately wiped my rods out in thick cold fog aswell,but hey it happens,a bit dissapointed as now my lines had all been moved of the baited spots so reeled them all in and luckly no real tangles,conor now had a beautiful mirror of 32.00 lbs .So conor 2-0 up on me and a forty to boot,

In the thick fog i cast out and found my marked lines and clipped up and recast to roughly the direction of the baited areas,the lines hit the clips all good but i couldn’t see where they landed,but i was happy that all 3 rods where back out.phewwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!.

Now sunday morning now fog just lifting and bang my recast rods have sprung into life after a nice fight i finally landed myself a nice and welcome 32.08 mirror.

sunday now has turned out cloudy ,cold and blowing big style again me and baited all the spots heavy again with pellet particle and boilis,we just finished when we had a visitor called andy moody looking to fish for 5 days,again not a problem, he settled in and bang lost a fish straight away ,he was gutted,.Me and conor had just packed his gear away as he was at school monday morning so for the best he didnt do another night,he tried to get out of school as he has had a weekend to remember and wanted more”dont we all lol”so with that conor departed.after a couple of hrs andy was in again and this time a very long hard battle i slipped the net under something very special,rolled the net down for andy and attempted to lift,no chance “andy could you give me a lift please”i asked ,i think you have a new pb,I guessed it at around 45 lb and his scales went bang on,

Well sunday night /monday what i night i had,recast my rods a top up of boilies with the throwing stick and just after midnight bang 33lb mirror,then at around 3 am my left hand rod screemed off and what a battle i had for about 25 mins,just about to net the mirror and my other rod goes off,so making the 1st net secure with the mirror in i hit the second rod and again after a nice scrap i managed to slip the second net under a very nice grassy,having weighed it she went 36.08 lb and then my mirror went 37.00lb,happy days now fish all over my spots recast and away around 4.30 ish this time a welcomed 35lb mirror then topped off with the smallest fish of the weekend of 28.00lbs,unfortunately andy left this morning as he was feeling unwell and decided to drive the hr back home but he will be back in a few weeks to finish his quest,a big thanks to him as well for being on hand to help myself on a very busy night and hope you get well soon,with that ive decided to give it a rest wow dene on the fish and hes packed up yes im knackered 3 days with no sleep and i also have some jobs to get on with,so i hope you enjoy reading this of a great weekends fishing at edenslakes north lake


Photobucket my 14 year old son conor with his first 40lb fish

Photobucketme with a 37.00 lb

Photobucket conor 32.00 lb

Photobucketme and 35.00 lb

Photobucket36.08 lb grassy

Photobucket 33.00lb


Photobucket 28.00 lb

Photobucket andy with his pb 45.00lb


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