Well as the title says work party……..ha ha ha not so much of the party lol……. but plenty of work,been in planning for some time for rebuilding the swims on all three lakes as the old ones that were done four years ago had got very tired and were looking shabby,so a few months ago we all decided at edens that as we had a couple of weeks free that we would keep them free and make a start on the complex during the closed weeks.

The first thing was trying to find a bit of extra help which was going to be hard at short notice but I did manage too…..well i thought so didn’t I !!!

As always just as it is about to start you get let down by two people,but never mind there was still me,my son Conor and our good friend and regular to Edens Mark Hollis and for 3 days my other son Adam,so change of plan as we started as the swims were total rebuilds from in the lake upwards to digging out hard rocky clay,and building the actual swim from solid timbers,making bigger,putting in steps lining and moving tonnes of two types of gravel from the only access point to the lake with barrows,the worst thing about the job was it rained every day at some point and at times was torrential which made the job even harder for the 3 of us.

So because of the total rebuilds,weather and only being the 3 of us we only manged to get our North lake finished but we/I am over the moon with the finished products and we should be proud of what we all achieved and the standard we have set now for the other two lakes.so by the opening of 2015 season the pics below will give you a idea of what all the swims will look like on the complex,so again a big thankyou to Mark and Conor will need to book you both in again soon xxxxx hint hint

swim 1swim 2 doubleswim 3swim 4

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