Hot Hot Hot is all we can say, we have only got 3 guys on this week and fishing Simon’s Lake, I will rephrase that TRYING TO FISH Simon’s in this weather. The last couple of days the guys Andy, Ian and Peter have been in the raw infernal heat trying their best to get the fish going although have managed to get into a few good fish to 39.10lb and a couple of p/bests have been broken. The problem is every day and night has just been getting hotter and hotter and we pray for a breeze but the lads are still plugging away and getting the odd fish here and there so its not over till Saturday when the rods finally come in. We have been also trying to keep the meals this week light for the guys because of the heat which has gone down well and we are fortunate that we can do this at Eden’s as we do not have set menus.

1st July…

Been 40°c today but must of been hotter in direct sun and me and Adam have been on the go working in the shear infernal heat since 9am non stop trying to sort out a major water blockage from the North Lake down to the fountain feature by the house that then feeds all our stock ponds. So a 30 min job has took all day from a simple flush through and rodding at the other end which did remove a lot of debris and then a total blockage occurred and being in my heavy duty dry suit for hours on end i have lost about 10lbs in sweat lol… So we ended up doing a massive total job breaking/digging up of 2 foot of solid concrete and rocks to locate 50 year old lead pipe work and to find the bend that had a meter plus of solid mass which might as well been a core sample. But we now have water flowing again down to all the ponds, must say to my son Adam could not of done it without his help today, certainly earned his pocket money and a few beers. With regards to the fishing only a couple of 20s for the lads on Simon’s but cannot expect too much for them in this heat to be honest, really feel for the guys, time for another dip in the pool to cool off

2nd July…

Well we’ve finally done it! After more than 2h hours of struggling as a couple of design faults with long pins/bolts were not long enough but those who know me….I can sort anything eventually, we’ve built/put together our new aerator. Will put on some photos at the end of the blog of it in action.
Must also say the company we dealt with were spot on and only took 36 hrs from talking to them to having it arrive on the door step all the way from Italy, just sorted all the electrics out and just got to run cables along the bank and peg down.
Now time to get in the dry suit again and get this baby anchored to the bottom of the lake and get it running. Must say the lake was as warm as bath water but the new Aerator is running a treat and the difference it makes to the lake and can also tell the temperature change as it sucks up and sprays out the colder water from the lower layers,..few fish out to 39.10lb mirror today. 11033876_889277451107709_4143642025131677328_n11046324_889277837774337_6981383986565575104_n

3rd July…

Yet another hot sticky day but a nice wind blowing through the grounds but too hot to work out side cutting grass and jobs like that, but have fed the lakes this morning and re-sprayed my pool ladder and of course sat here writing the blog lol no more news of any fish as yet but again we are on the 40 degree mark. Andy will be sending a few pics via his iPad so hoping he will get them to me b4 i post this of some of their fish..just 1 more fish out which was 28.05lb mirror

4TH July…

As you can see it was a very tough week for the guys and I have to give them credit for sticking to it, I did offer if they wanted to have a crack on Jolly pads for a day’s stalking here and there but they were happy to stick to their plans but the weather has won this week, thanks guys on a really scorching week and personally think you have done well considering. And Andy if you are reading this get that bloody shoulder sorted.

Simon’s Lake…..25.01lb mirror, 29.13lb common,9.08lb mirror, 10.06lb common,26.09lb mirror,32.08lb mirror,33.12lb mirror,11.03lb koi,24.06lb mirror,7.08lb mirror,27.06lb mirror,39.10lb mirror,28.03lb common,28.05lb mirror


We have just had a two page fishery focus in this months Carpworld Magazine so don’t forget to go and get a copy guys and girls…



Well what can I say about Edens, first and foremost the hosts, Karen and Dene, working tirelessly through out the week around the lakes as well as preparing fantastic cooked breakfasts and a 3 course evening meal every day these pair really couldn’t do enough for everyone which for me plays a huge part in my weeks holiday, after all who wants to go away and feel like your not welcome or that everything is to much like hard work? Well let me tell you, over at Edens you won’t feel like that!!!

As for the fishing well that just speaks for itself, if your looking for a family package or a mates getaway Edens offer it all, Jolly Pads and Simon’s Lake offer superb action with plenty of chunks to go at, or if you fancy yourself as abit of a specimen hunter then why not try your luck on the North Lake, home to fewer carp but much larger residents the small intricate water really is a challenge, but, get it right and the rewards are there for the taking, during my time on the North I witnessed a new lake record of 63-12 which was well up on weight from its last capture even after spawning aswell as numerous other units along the way, this lake is already up their as a “big fish” venue, but I’m sure with Dene’s hard work and great fishery management that in a few years this lake really is going to be something quite special, and every fish will be a fish of a lifetime for the lucky captor!


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