JUNE 20th TO JUNE 27th hot, hot, hot!

JUNE 20th TO JUNE 27th hot, hot, hot!

Turn around morning was bliss, cloudy and cool but did not last for long before the sun burnt through. I had a bit of a feeling the North Lake was going to be a bit of a challenge this week with just a two on fishing exclusive, as the previous week, the amount of hatch going on in the lake was phenomenal and the amount of swifts were there to let us all know about it.

Gareth is a very experienced angler and his dad Geoff isn’t bad either lol . Geoff has a heart condition so has to take it easy so they went into the double swim so they could be together and have open access to the whole lake and try to cover as much as possible, as there was only the two of them and on exclusive I allowed Gareth to put an extra rod out.

The weekend passed with signs of fish rolling and pluming clearly gridding areas of the lake feeding on bloodworm the spots that were chosen just was not working and the signs of fish started to slow down as each day became hotter and hotter as did the nights.

On the Tuesday afternoon I decided to make a call for the guys and change things totally around and get them fishing to the other side of the lake on other known spots although one each of there rods were left on the shorter spots, nothing happened during the day, after dinner the same long spots were baited with pellets, particle and boilies and a few other bits of goodies the lads were using. The night fell silent but the morning came and Gareth was away and what a first fish 52.02lb, was this the turning point only a hour before he was talking about moving down to one of the other lakes just so his dad could get into a few fish even though Gareth loves the challenge, but dad Geoff didn’t want none of that……


So 52.02lb happy smiles all round the change around worked…. phew pressure off, but again not long after one of Gareth’s other long range spots went again and this time another cracking fish of 44.04lb mirror! Things are definitely looking up now, but as the day went on and the hotter it became not another fish in sight and the rest of the day went by as did the Thursday, but I felt confident as the amount of shows and fizzing fish we started seeing again.


As Friday came nothing again from the night before baffled us all as it did look promising! Today was a scorcher, but Gareth again pulled a 39.08lb mirror out of the bag fishing the same methods and on the long range spots that we changed to a few days earlier20th39.08lb

Come on Geoff its big fish Friday was the banter of the day and you are just waiting for that biggy, we were really routing for him and did not know what else to do except keep doing what he was doing and stick to the spots.

As the evening passed and the lake looked so promising again with fizzing and showing fish everywhere, in fact we had seen more on this last evening than most of the week, so as night fell and I said my good nights and best wishes and luck in was now in the carp gods hands and would you believe it at 3 am Geoff pulled it out the bag with “not the biggest” fish of the week but close a cracking 51.00lb mirror, what a fish to finish with, as you can imagine that made the week for us all especially for Geoff , yes was a hard week but both caught fifties.20th51.00lb

North lake 52.02lb mirror,44.04lb mirror, 39.08lb mirror,51.00lb mirror

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