Due to the hot dry year we are having anyone that is coming to Edens on drive and survive fending for themselves this year, which are not many, we NOW HAVE IN PLACE A TOTAL BAN ON ALL COAL BBQs ,this is because of the embers floating up and possibly catching any of the fields on fire as they are so dry. Will notify again if and when becomes safe.

Also A WORD TO ANYONE THAT SMOKES, when driving down please do not throw your butts out of your windows as the pictures show this is the result. Also while at Eden’s please do not put/flick you cigarette butts into the hedges or the grass,please be careful guys/ladies it doesn’t take much to set fire to the land/fields at the moment.

I also forgot to mention of another scene i saw two days ago whilst out and about a whole field was burnt out with its combine harvesters still in them, totally burnt up,didn’t get a pic of that one as I was driving…

Many thanks Dene


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