Iain Macmillain Tutorial Week 5th September to 12th

Iain Macmillain Tutorial Week 5th September to 12th

The second Eden’s Lakes guest anglers tutorial of the year started this week with Iain Macmillain arriving to work with our clients for the week, having the weekend to himself to settle in and set up camp for the week on the North Lake and of course a few greet and meets over the weekend.

On Monday Iain was straight into work with the lads around the complex starting on Simon’s Lake, teaching/showing the guys on marker fishing for locations and also for spots and for feeling the leads down as well as a few other bits during the course of the day. This was repeated also on the other lakes too during the week.Eden's Lakes Catch Report

Also during the week on Simon’s, Jolly Pads and the North Lake Iain was on all of them splitting his time between them with the clients giving them tips and advice and tying rigs and helping them with any requests that they had on any aspects of fishing they needed help with or just to tweak any of their own fishing tactics i.e… pva bag fishing. Eden's Lakes Catch Report

The weather this week has been a warm one but in the mid to high twenties but the earlier part of the week the night time temps really drop as low as 4 deg, which in my o/p was not helping the fishing too much as the North and Simon’s Lakes were fishing a little bit tough this week where as Jolly Pads was off to a flying start and kept fishing steady throughout the week with 56 fish to 42lb+ . Eden's Lakes Catch Report

Simon’s Lake the fish were showing but certainly were not having it but did manage fish to 44 lb and a new p/best for Jason. The North Lake was also tough going but again the fish have been showing and fizzing galore and ripping the bottom up, personally my o/p I think there could of been a lot more fish caught under the right fishing methods had been in place and if the weather conditions had changed earlier in the week, but still 9 fish were banked to 46.14lb and a few lost. There was also a couple of surprises with a couple of young fish turning up out of the blue which have been bred in the lake over the last couple of years and have evaded capture both by anglers in the past and by our nettings, overall it was a great week with great company!

North Lake… 43.00lb mirror,28.12lb mirror,22.08lb koi,43.12lb mirror,16.00lb mirror,46.10lb mirror,41.08lb mirror,34.10lb mirror,46.14lb mirror

Simon’s Lake… 25.00lb mirror, 32.00lb mirror,24.02lb mirror,44.00lbmirror

Jolly Pads Lake..19.00lb mirror,13.00lb common,42.07lb grassy,22.02lb mirror,18.00lb mirror,25.00lb mirror,21.00lb mirror,21.12lb mirror,19.08lb mirror,15.10lb mirror,19.12lb common,18.08lb mirror,20.02lb mirror,22.08lb mirror,24.14lb mirror, 24.14lb common,21.12lb common,22.06lb mirror,15.03lb mirror,23.05lb mirror,24.06lb common,19.04lb mirror,21.00lb mirror,24.00lb common,18.04lb mirror,22.11lb mirror,19.04lb common27.11lb grassy,20.00lb mirror,14.00lb common 25.00lb mirror 42.00lb grassy, 25.12lb mirror,20.04lb mirror, 20.04lb common, 10.15lb mirror, 24.07lb mirror. 10.09lb common,18.12lb common, 27.01lb mirror, 20.07lb common, 14.00lb common,26.03lb mirror,26.12lb mirror, 15.09lb mirror,29.06lb mirror,27.12lb,mirror,21.12lb,mirror,21.14lb mirror,15.01lb mirror,18.07lb mirror,25.14lb common,19.03lb mirror,15.01lb common,13.04lb common,21.08lb mirror

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