SONY DSC From left to right rear… Mark,Ant,Dave,Paul,Mike,Colin,Dan,Andy,Steve,Conor,Noelle Front row  Justin,Joe,Callum,Megan,and of course Adam Penning

Wow what a week we was all looking forward to this week for such a long time,as last time i fished with Adam we was faced with freezing siberian weather ,the only problem we faced this time with the weather,of course everyone knows what im going to say lol yep the dreaded “NON STOP RAIN” . We have had rain now for all most 4 months on and off constantly with saturated grounds and flooded over filled ditches and lakes running at full capacity……But oh yes there is a but….the fishing has been stable and ticking nicely which is the main thing.So with my tracks to two of my lakes taking a hammering and and constantly holding water is starting to be abit of fun to say the least to get to them and of course back again,so with with that let’s start the Adam penning tutuorial week.

FRIDAY 24TH MAY Here at Edenslakes we allow people to arrive early if they so wish and that they Did we had a group of 6 arrive a full 24hrs early but we didn’t mind too much and then we had another 3 and a 2 in the evening,the problem was the rain it just kept coming down.We was lucky that our lakes had been vacated early and as there was no chance of getting around with mowers we let all the guys set up on the lakes early to save doing it twice.The north lake wasn’t a problem at all but getting down to simons lake was a bit of a problem in a real heavy van in torretial rain with over flooded grounds and washed away tracks,so just on dark it happend poor old colin got stuck then Dan got stuck trying to tow him out,so with some good old shoving and a tow rope on another van we failed !,no option we phoned our good friend the farmer Cyril who came down in his big tractor and bingo within minutes we was at the lake side.now the funy thing is ive had to help push or tow cars/vans out b4 but NEVER in to a swim b4 ,so a big thanks to him again.With that everyone set up cold and wet and think just praying for the rain to stop,but at least they were here and setting up ,the north lake lads had the advantage having all day to prepare,set up spod out bait and get the rods out after there dinner unaware of all the comotions lol, WHAT A START ! DAN GETTING THE TOW ROPE ON NOW WHERE’S JUSTIN HIDING LOL! 20130524_202929 But what a start for the noth lake lads with evrybody catching fish with Dave smashing his personal best with a 52.00lb mirror,steve with a 39.00lb mirror,andy with a 35.04lb mirror and paul with a 44.01lb mirror…….what a start for the lads IMG_3918 SONY DSC SAT 25TH MAY The rest of the guys arriving including Adam penning himself.Again awoke to rain so depressed again ! whats new ! its one of those things guys you just wish for one week it would just stop for you and let you get on with what you have planned for the week,anyway 10.am breakfast went down really well and a few happy faces and the banter from the night b4 started and the p*ss taking started.well we got a few messages off of Adam saying there have been delays with tunnel so he would be running late ,then he had probs with delays on the roads,but to top it off and sorry Adam have to share this one less than 2 minutes away he run out of fuel pmsl,so Deno to the rescue,sorting jerry cans running to the fuel station and then going to find the stranded lamb lol.Well you would all think that a few jerry cans of fuel ,turn the key and away we go,hhahaaaaa nothing is that simple is it……..well for forty minutes we tried to start that bugger of a van,all thes new fancy self priming fuel filters and fancy engines ,well this van was having none of it ,after phn calls and trying and trying nothing ,well with just about to give up i said one more go and with that i sort of lost my rag(not that i do that much lol) and grabbed the air intake hose rather tightly and swore&^%$$$£$&&*&%$%$£$ and bingo the van sprung into life and that was the start of our jouney….all two minutes of it mr penning ! so we got him fed and watered and shown to his swim and said goodnight and then ready for the week to begin for all.

SUNDAY 26TH MAY We left this as a more of a day of rest for everyone to get settled in day and for adam also and just to say hi to everyone,the weather still had not changed much still raining of course but simon’s and jolly pads lake was producing some nice fish for the guys.i just did my daily duties as i do .

MONDAY 27TH MAY Adam was up early and straight after breakfast was in full mode spending time with all the anglers around the lakes doing what he does best and doing one on ones with all the guys,and spent all day right upto dinner time with them,he has a wealth of knowledege and is happy to share it so all i say is whoever meets him don’t ever be afraid to ask him questions as hes happy to answer them the best he can and help you where he can,and we cant believe it the sun actually came out to play for several hrs ,so was the perfect way to talk about and try zig rigs,unfortunately they didn’t work but im sure with what everyone learnt from the experience of the setups and how to fish them properly with help them in the future on different waters,i spent the afternoon with Mark H  one of our regulars on jolly pads as he had also been strugglig a little bit and we stuck to traditional bottom tactics,and we soon found the fish and bingo mark soon started to get amoungst them with 2 fish and eventually we moved him totally that evening,where he infact had 6 more fish that evening with his first ever 33lb fish.

TUESDAY/WEDSDAY 28TH/29TH MAY RIG CLINIC DAYS 1 & 2 We decided to split this clinic day into two mornings after breakfast lasting several hrs and get everyone involved making the rigs aswell rather than sitting there watching them being made,so we got the materials and rig components for the guys and noelle. wow what a eye opener we started with hook sharpening ,anyone that opens a packet of hooks and thinks they are sharp think again,wait until you actually learn how to sharpen them yourselves,,we then made some chod rigs and a bottom straight chod and a couple of others for the lads again all very interesting stuff with the varies whipping knots etc… a great day was had by all and everyone was very engrossed by it and took it all on board verywell,as said its a eye opener when you are shown how to do rigs right guys/girls then the afternoons were again spent with Adam around the lakes working with the guys talking tactics and rigs SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC   SONY DSC SONY DSC UPDATE SO FAR…………. DURING THE WEEK……THE FISHING ….Simon’s lake had been fishing steady with some cracking fish with a nice trickle of decent fish including several stunning 30lb + fish to Justin,Colin and Dan,North lake had slowed right down since that cracking start with the 52lber and the 4 fish and started being moody again but a lot of rain and cold water has been flowing through and with ph changes i feel it needs to settle again,and jolly pads lake again is ticking over with a few nice fish including a couple of nice 30 lb fish mike ,ant and especially mark are doing ok,but a full catch report will be at the bottom of this blog when finished updating

THURSDAY 30TH MAY This was a great day and one i was looking forward to myself as Adam was going to start his first day of the slide show mornings.i was up early doors again and tools out constructing a frame for the massive screen that Adam had brought with him with his laptop and projector,the first part was on his exploits on the famous wraysbury and had us so engrossed  that we all decided instead of having part two on the friday (it really was that good) that we would all sit there and have part two straight after which Adam did on KINGS….and i was that interested my camera sat by my side and was not used much so sorry for the lake of pics on this one guys and girls. SONY DSC SONY DSC 20130530_111020 After the slide shows finished Adam did his normal rounds with the guys and decided to get a few hrs fishing in,and just b4 dinner he caught himself a cracking 46.02lb mirror known as split-tail,we was going to try and get a big group picture but with dinner waiting and the pouring rain and all the excitment we put him back,but fate will follow which i will tell in friday’s write up. SONY DSCTHINGS STARTED LOOKING UP AGAIN ! Paul also on the North lake hooked a cracking 46.04lb mirror after dinner on his baited area. SONY DSC

FRIDAY 31ST MAY As we did the slide show in one on the thursday this ment there was a bit more fishing time for all the guys today,again myself and Adam doing our normal ,adam spending more time as it was curry night so i had a extra busy day in the kitchen,again being last day the guys on simons and jolly pads had still been pulling a fair few fish out and at this stage a couple of the guys had beaten there personal bests.Again the weather had been up and down for a few days but more settled and the rain had turned into more showers than the constant heavy stuff…adam returned to his rods late afternnoon and quicky hooked into a 32lb mirror,shortly followed again by a 42.12lb mirror and would you believe it 24hrs to the dot split tail again at 46.02lb just before dinner ,so as we missed out on thursday we managed to get our group photo in with adam and his 46lber awesome and i believe adam also bagged another one during the night but only a baby lol of 28lb. SONY DSC overall it was great week despite the weather and all the guys and noelle and the children were all fantastic and we have made some lovely new friends as well as meeting some of our old ones again,we look forward to seeing you again in the future and also to Adam a big thankyou for being such a true gentleman and ambassador to the carping world and coming and doing this event with us at edenslakes,we look forward to the next ones in 2014 Dene,Karen,and the boys-x- and all the edenslakes team SONY DSCCATCH REPORTS……..BELOW


simons rainbow

SIMON’S LAKE….Dan,Justin,Colin 27.00lb mirror,16.07lb koi,34.01 mirror,24.07 sturgeon,26.04lb mirror,29.04lb mirror,29.14lb mirror,27.04lb mirror,34.04lb mirror,23.02lb mirror,24.10lb mirror,29.01lb common,27.10lb mirror,26.00lb mirror,19.00lb common,29.01lb mirror,24.03lb mirror,25.12lb mirror,26.01lb mirror,31.00lb common,32.15lb mirror,25.11lb mirror,36.04lb mirror,12.05lb common,25.10lb mirror,28.06lb sturgeon,25.10lb common,26.06lb mirror,20.04lb mirror,32.04lb mirror,28.00lb mirror,30.02lb mirror,32.00lb mirror,31.12lb mirror,31.04lb mirror,34.02lb mirror,32.02lb mirror,29.12lb mirror what a cracking result lads despite the weather conditions and  for a runs water and not fishing all the time due to the rig clinics and slide shows at the house during the days,awesome and a great stamp of fish ,well done guys





NORTH LAKE……Adam,Andy,Steve,paul,Dave…….

46.02lb mirror,28.00lb mirror,46.02lb mirror,32.00lb mirror,35.04lb mirror,39.00lb mirror,44.01lb mirror,46.04lb mirror,42.12lb mirror,52.00lb mirror,

hard fishing again lads but a hell of a good average stamp of fish well done guys .

JOLLY PADS…….Ant,Mark,Michale 21.02lb mirror,18.15lb mirror,17lb mirror,23.12lb mirror.28.08lb mirror,27lb mirror,25.00lb mirror,14.04lb mirror,22.00lb mirror,27.00lb mirror,16.00lb mirror,32.00lb mirror,21.04lb mirror,33.00lb mirror,15.04lb common,24.12lb mirror,20.00lb mirror,24.08lb mirror,24.08lb mirror, 28.00lb mirror,9.08lb common,20.01lb mirror,20.04lb common,16.00lb mirror,17.14lb mirror,23.00lb mirror,33.oolb mirror,17.08lb mirror,18.00lb mirror,22.14lb common,18.12lb mirror,12.06lb mirror,22.04lb mirror,

well done lads few lost fish but well battled on and picked up in the end for you all despite the bad weather conditions


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