As the title states…..We have the pleasure of having Adam Penning back yet again for the second time this year for his second complex tutorial week.numbers were down on the north lake due to a couple of late cancellations i will not go into details but its a sad story,we then had Dan and Colin on Jolly pads  and then the Moore family on simons lake exclusive,

As ever the week started great and the sun was shining but the rain soon moved in for us all and cooled the temps right down,on Monday Adam started his first rig clinic  and as luck would have it it was a nice morning we did it outside for a change,as you can see we was also keeping Megan busy and Adam came up with a new rig idea with her bucket of bands lol


As the day was so nice the rig clinic went on into the afternoon,as the clinic was so much fun everyone just lost track of time ,I think it had gone 2pm by the the time everyone left to go fishing again and Adam had a few one on ones before dinner time.

With the weather change the fishing was up and down,but there was one person showing the way on the specimen lake and that was the big man Darren rolls,who was breaking his personal best time and time again with the help of Adam,Also colette and Mike and the kids on simons were also having plenty of fish with many 30lb fish.,same as Dan and colin on Jolly pads they were ticking away nicely,Below is a cracking shot at dawn

10580034_323272664505600_3604993189041753586_nAs the week went on the weather stayed roughly the same with showers on and off and the night time temps were getting lower every night,never really known a august like it,also like to say thanks to all the guys this week for making Karen’s birthday a great night,and how well you all done on the 3 lakes,Darren rolls had a time of his life on the north lake beating his p/best 7 times with 12 fish to 56.00lb

Here are the catch reports for the 3 lakes below and ill add a few pics also.

NORTH LAKE……40.04lb mirror,37.06lb mirror,334.10lb mirror,36.04lb common,39.00lb grassy,36.02lb mirror,35.08lb mirror,37.06lb mirror,39.08lbmirror,37.00lb grassy,45.04lb grassy,44.08lb grassy,41.08lb mirror,41.10lb common26.00lb mirror,45.06lb mirror,49.08lb mirror,56.00lb mirror

SIMONS LAKE…..34.00lb mirror,26.10lb common,28.15lb mirror,30.12lb mirror,33.04lb mirror,26.07lb mirror,32.06lb mirror,20.13lb mirror,15.10lb koi,31.00lb mirror,25.08lb sturgeon,21.00lb mirror,33.02lb mirror,34.12lb mirror,25.01lb mirror,25.01lb mirror,16.04lb mirror,31.00lb common,27.06lb mirror,23.05lb mirror,32.02lb mirror,38.02lb mirror,25.01lb mirror,32.08lb mirror,31.12lb mirror,32.06lb mirror,30.04lb mirror,31.10lb mirror,29.02lb mirror12.04lb common,26.08lb mirror,32.08lb mirror,18.12lb common,20.05lb mirror,26.08lb mirror,15.02lb common,28.06lb mirror

JOLLY PADS LAKE….22.11lb mirror,15.12lb mirror,19.00lb common,16.07lb ghosty,15.10lb mirror,21.00lb mirror,22.10lb mirror,22.00lb mirror,27.06lb mirror,26.00lb mirror,20.00lb mirror,20.04lb mirror,14.14lb mirror,20.01lb common,15.03lb mirror,15.01lb common,20.12lb mirror,33.14lb grassy,27.00lb mirror,33.14lb grassy,19.14lb mirror,23.01lb mirror,19.10lb mirror,22.02lb mirror,18.13lb mirror,32.00lb mirror,22.12lb mirror,15.3lb mirror,20.05lb common,27.00lb mirror,22.00lb mirror,10.00lb mirror,26.11lb mirror,22.04lb mirror,24.02lb mirror,34.00lb mirror,24.12lb mirror,28.00lb mirror,



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