Another grueller of a week with soaring temps and a few thunderstorms thrown in with torrential down pours followed by scorching heat again we have also had big drops in temps at night with thick fog, the poor fish still don’t know weather they are coming or going still, im sure there are still a few still spawning in the open water on the north lake, but the rain is putting there sexy antics slightly behind the other lakes as jolly pads and simons lakes are finished as they started two weeks ago and seemed to have a good head start and got it out the way being that bit shallower and warmer.

anyway back to the fishing ….. we had our good friend Bryann returning again this time bringing his wife Nina for her first time to edens with first timers Darryll and Amos too, all having a crack on the difficult specimen north lake, well after the soaring temps and carting the gear into there swims on the saturday lunch time after the quick guided tour and walk around talking about the lake to the guys  they decided to start setting up and get the rods into the water when a big heavy down pour came from nowhere ,i decided to take the mower back to the house to save getting it soaked ,i had only been in the house a matter of 5  minutes  or so when the phone went and it was bryann  saying would i like to come upto the lake as they had a beast of a common on the bank,so off i went …..brolly,camera,and Amos had landed himself a new personal best within minutes of casting his rod into the water of 41.08lb common WHAT A START !!!!

8TH JUNE TO 15TH JUNEThis looked promising for the week ahead but it took a few days again to settle in this time with Darryll again with a new personal best with a 39.08lb mirror.he also managed a cracking and stunning scaled 25.00lb mirror

39.08lb After everyone was working very hard  indeed trying a few different things and myself to lure these babies out of the depths to no avail and pulling our hair out as the fish were there for us to cleary see  as wee chased them around the lake from short rangee to mid to long range,we even got everyone trying a bit of stalking for several hrs during the days but no joy

But then it was Nina’s turn after the slow run…and again another personal best being broken again just shy of the 40s club with another 39.08lb

8TH JUNE TO 15TH JUNEWhat a result that’s all our good friend and regular Bryann wanted, even though he was working hard on the rods with baiting up at range it was then his chance for a fish as they decided to take it in turns for the takes, Bryanns first fish was a 30.04lb mirror then he hit a 34.00lb mirror but the high light was Nina hit her second fish with a cracking 38.00lb mirror.

8TH JUNE TO 15TH JUNE8TH JUNE TO 15TH JUNE And Nina below with her 38.00lb mirror

8TH JUNE TO 15TH JUNEoverall it was a tough week for them but they worked very hard in the hot conditions,and were rewarded with there p/bests for the new comers and im sure Bryann will have his revenge in 9 weeks time again when he returns lol, we still had some great laughs and banter on the bank (“SHORT”) AND (“YOU SUNK MY BATTLESHIP”) LOL AND A FEW MORE PMSL, well guys we look forward in seeing you all again next year and well done again

Dene,Karen and the boys -x-


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