A quiet week and no anglers on until saturday i have a group of 4 for the north lake and two french lads on for 48 hrs and my good friend chris that are arriving over the weekend.still cooler here at the momment and are still having storms and plenty of showers.

Anyway here is some great write ups from a few of our customers,many thanks

from chris blunden

Hi all,

Finaly got around to writing and posting a reveiw of the best weeks fishing of my life to date.

Friday the 13th in May. Not the most favourable day to be leaving for a long drive, ferry crossing and then a longer drive deep in to France. If I was ever superstisious then I’m not any more as it turned out to be the fishing trip of my life time.

We arrived on the morning of the 14th at around 9:30 bursting to get our gear on the bank although we were all shattered from from the journey. We tipped up at Dene’s front door where he greated us with good strong cup of coffee and introduced us to the family and made us feel right at home.

As we walked around North lake (which was alive with activity) Dene gave us the low down on the swims and features to be found, and the recent catch activity. We picked our favoured swims in the order we’d drawn for earlier over coffee and started moving the gear in to our locations. Mine being swim 6 with my fishing mate Tree for which I must thank him for as we’d decided that if we won the draw we would fish the natural double swim together. He pulled first pick in the draw, result.

By the time we had set up and got our rods in the water it was rolling on 3 pm. Fourty minutes later and my middle rod went screaming off with the first run of the session and 20 min later a lovely 35lb 8oz Mirror was on the mat. I was over the moon!
A few hours past with an afternoon napp and just before 9 pm the left hand rod gave some signs of life…….and it was off, another 25lb stunning Mirror was mine. I had just released the fish when the middle rod went ripping off. It was turnning in to a very special trip indeed with a 32lb 15oz gracing the unhooking mat.

A well needed sleep followed all the excitement and it all went quiet for close to 36 hrs.
I then seemed to settle in to around two runs a day and on the 18th at 11:40pm I landed the biggest fish of my life to date and what later turned out to be the largest fish of the trip. A beautiful Mirror at a spawned out weight of 40lb 6oz. I was in shock.

The rest of the trip was no dissapointment as I managed 3 20’s 7 30’s and a 40. My closing figures were 35.08, 25, 30.15, 32.07, 33.09, 40.06, 28.02, 24.07, 33.08, 32.08 and 30.09.

Dene and the family were great hosts through out the week showing great hospitality and providing great food. The facilities were awsome and we found our selves wanting for nothing more.

All in all it was a great experience and one I cannot wait for again, so thanks to all those involved and hope to visit Dene and the family at Eden’s again in the future.

Tight lines to all,



Hi all, sorry for delay, after recovering and trying to move house!! Anyway firstly a massive thank you to Dene, Karen, Adam, Connor and Josh for an excellent weeks fishing, great hospitality and the most meat I’ve seen at a BBQ, which Karen and Dene kindly put on for my son Ryans birthday, we even had a birthday cake with candles.
Five of us hired North Lake for a week, we took a Discovery with an 8ft x 6ft x 4ft trailer so it took us extra time to get there, but well well worth it. The first thing we noticed was how peaceful and serene it was, right in the beautiful french countryside which was full of wildlife, including deer, best of all no motorways or pylons nearby. 
The power showers are a real hit, it’s like having a water massage, not one of us wanted to get out, brilliant, although beware when you first turn it on, a couple of us got an unexpected soaking, ask Den,lol.
After the draw for swims we unpacked, then being an old git I ate, baited up,a few spots and went to sleep, two of the lads in our group were first timers and they had a 35lb + carp on the bank within a few hours, which smashed his pb to bits, they went on to have a dream week both landing fish over 40lbs!!! I cant remember how many they caught but it was everyday/nite, top angling Tree and Chris. Infact evryone caught except me, aint it always the way, lol. My son caught a massive grassie, it had to be nearly 4ft long, Rob also had a couple of very large grassies, or giant Chub as they are lovingly referred to, lol. The lads have posted the pics of our trip on here.
All the swims are pukka, plenty of room, North Lake itself is very picturesque, tree lined, great for stalking, some very big lumps were seen daily, they were just cruising about in the shallows, a fantastic sight. 
A tackle and bait shop is on site selling tackle essentials, freshly made particle and boilies, so a fantastic week had by all.
Anybody going to Edens will not be dissapointed, the food is out of this world, and plenty of it, we were made to feel very welcome from the time we arrived to the sad time we had to leave, Dene freely offers his vast knowledge of fishing to anyone who wants it, mind you Connor knows a thing or two aswell.
Anyway my son is taking me for another week in Sept for my 50th birthday, so time to start planning my revenge on the very big girls at Edens, “I will be back” 


hello everyone sorry its been so long since i done my may write up been a few problems at home that needed sorting out …..
i got there the friday morn had a nice catch up with dene and the family had a nice bbq in the evening coz i couldnt start fishing till the sat morn 
set up in the double swim with dene he fished a few nights but was well busy to do all the nights but was always there to lend a hand when i had my fish cheers matey ….
DAY 1 
started of the first night i had a screemer at 22:00 ended up being 26ib 3oz common was well chuffed with that had a cuppa then at 23:45 had a belter ended up being split tail at 40ib 3oz well as u can imagine i was buzzing a 40 on the first night had another cuppa then whent to bed
DAY 2 
got woken up by a drop back at 04:30 = 32ib 6oz mirror then 15 mins later a 37ib 9oz common 
DAY 3 
04:20 28ib 3oz mirror then at 07:20 36ib 6oz mirror known as chris’s lump now ha ha cheers dene 
casting to a rolling fish in mid water off of my baited area with a small pva bag of edens pellets 10 mins later 23ib 3oz known as scarfish mirror not massive but well earned ha ha, then whent off stalking round the otherside at 11:25 had a 25ib 1oz mirror well chuffed with that one coz it was roasting hot and at 16:10 28ib 9oz mirror out from the shallows 
DAY 5 
after another 5 kg of boilies and 10kg of parti blend and 10kg of pellets topping up my spots i was knackered spodding it all out but well worth it 07:20 off a heavily baited area which nearly all my fish came from 27ib 11oz mirror 
DAY 6 
busy day after a massive storm threw the night the fish were on the munch big time topping and bubbling up everywhere i had 4 fish today was very busy topping up the spots with more bait in the rain ha ha but a good days fishing 06:30 28ib 14oz common 07:30 21ib 11oz mirror 12:00 23ib mirror and at 21:50 28ib 8oz common known as missplaced common whent to bed knackered lol but on a high 
DAY 7 
friday the 13th ha ha had a nice mirror known as scar tail at 10:55 34ib 7oz was a quiet day but night time was different they were topping everywere stayed up most of the night as it was the last night me n dene had a couple of cans whent to bed got woken up at 01:45 by a absalute screemer i was well excited a fish on the last night brilliant played it for about half an hour i knew it was a good fish i was saying in my head please please be another 40 and someone up there was listening to me coz i had raspberry ripple in the net what a lump 44ib 8oz well chuffed to say the least i felt like running round the lake shouting yes yes yes lol but kept it cool lol got back in me bed but couldnt get to sleep so kettle whent on few fags smoked back to sleep then i couldnt belive me luck another screemer well i was getting greedy saying in my head go on one more 40 please please lol but no one up there was listening this time it ended up being a 25ib 8oz mirror back into bed coz had a long drive in morn woke up at 06:00 started packing up everything packed away rods laying on the bank notised one of my spools going hit it had a 34ib 9oz grass carp well chuffed fish on the last morning 
was a really excelent weeks fishing best ive ever had and will be back out there very soon to help my mate dene out then back out again in september for 2 weeks to have another go at them lovely north lake lumps oh and ive allready booked to weeks from opening week next year with my mate bryann so lots to look forward to this year and next happy fishing everyone that comes here u will not be dissapointed dene is a top chef a excellent fishery manager and great host im not just saying it coz he is a mate it really is a lovely place nice n quiet apart from the delkims screeming off but ha ho who minds that lol 

bait used during the week consited of 
20kg of boilies 
30kg of pellets 
40kg of parti blend 
and half a bucket of pva bags lol

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