3rd October to 10th October Fish to 61.12lb

3rd October to 10th October Fish to 61.12lb

What a stunning morning to wake up to nice and warm and sunny but that wasn’t to last as late on in the day the bad weather decided to come back and hit us, we blame our regulars Mike, Chris, John and Mark that were fishing on Simon’s for a change as every time they fish here it rains lol. But the next few days were more overcast than wet but the temperatures stayed with us and we saw some really nice fish starting to come out especially on the North Lake.

The first couple of days we saw Luke up on the North Lake picking up fish to 43lb+ and then a beauty of a 40.00lb Common for Luke which was p/best Common for him, that evening the dreaded rain was on its way again and in the distant horizon the lightening was lighting up the sky and the rain arrived in the early hours.

Catch Report - Eden's LakesCatch Report - Eden's Lakes
The guys on Simon’s Lake were still struggling to hit the fish but with a few lost again to hook pulls keeps the numbers on the catch rates down which is a shame. Luke again had another p/best in the shape of a 55.08lb mirror which we have now named Ellie as it had no name and Ben also banked a 39.07lb mirror which was also his new p/best, but the best was to come as just before breakfast I had a call asking me to come up to the North Lake as Darren had a very big fish and had bottomed his scales out.

So off I went camera in hand and once I got up to swim 1 and saw the fish I knew straight away it was the box fish and last time we saw her she was just over 60lb so I was excited to know the weight, in haste I forgot my scales lol. Anyway Luke had his set on hand and we all jumped in and re zeroed the slings/scales and up on the tripod and the scales went round to 61.12lb and we all settled for that which was a new p/best for Darren and I was happy for a new top weight for the box fish.

Catch Report - Eden's Lakes
As the last few days went on we saw only a couple more fish out on the North Lake to 46.00lb come out but the lads on Simon’s Lake had started to bank a few nice fish to 46.00lb and they also had a little dabble on Jolly Pads for a few hours here and there. Simon’s has certainly produced a nice stamp of 30s and 40s maybe not this week, but in general this season although it has become a little bit tricky but it is on it’s way of being our second specimen lake on the complex with the current stamp of fish it now produces.

Eden's Lakes - Catch Report

Eden's Lakes - Catch Report

NORTH LAKE… 27.00lbApple slice mirror,43.01lb mirror,40.00lb demon common,55.08lb Ellie mirror,39.07lb mirror,61.12lb boxfish mirror,28.08lb mirror,46.00lb mirror

SIMON’S LAKE… 27.02lb mirror,28.04lb mirror,28.05lb mirror,31.14lb mirror,46.00lb mirror,24.00lb mirror,26.00lb mirror,22.00lb mirror,26.00lb common,27.08lb mirror,26.13lb mirror,30.07lb mirror,42.00lb mirror

JOLLY PADS LAKE….23,00lb mirror,19.00lb mirror,24.00lb common,31.00lb mirror,37.00lb mirror, 22.00lb common,19.08lb common,21.04lbmirror,33.00lb mirror,24.12lb mirror,18.00lb common,39.00lb grassy,22.00lb mirror,23.06lb mirror,30.00lb mirror,25.01lb mirror,21.00lb mirror,20.02lb mirror,20.12lb common,18.00lb common,23.00lb mirror,32.00lb mirror,24.12lb mirror,29.12lb mirror,28.08lb common 41.00lb mirror,20.04lb mirror,19.12lb common,33.00lb mirror

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