30th MAY TO 20th JUNE – LAST 3 WEEKS!

30th MAY TO 20th JUNE – LAST 3 WEEKS!

Must first apologise for the delay posting the blog, we had no internet for 2 weeks so was very difficult to do this on our phones. Anyway back to fishing !!!

Week Commencing 30th May…

The last few weeks have been up and down not only weather wise but with the fishing too, after the Tom Maker week the temps shot up and we had mid to high 30 degrees every day, we had guys on all 3 lakes this week the 30th May, although we had some nice fish out the fishing really slowed down as the fish preferred to bask in the hot sunshine than get their heads down and feed.

The fish in all 3 lakes also had a few other ideas as a few fish started to have a light spawn again towards the end of the week but the big issues in my O/P was the amount of fly hatches/bloodworm/spawning/baby frogs in general the amount of naturals in one week alone was enough to distract the carp as well as the heat. The North Lake just shut down completely for the two guys which was a shame as the week before fished so well, Simon’s Lake also was hard but did manage a few good fish to two guys to 39.08lbs but as the week went on the harder the conditions became. But the guys kept plugging away taking the odd fish so well done guys.

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Week Commencing 6th June…

The following week, 6th June was pretty much the same with soaring temps again, we had regular George on Jolly Pads and some old friends x3 on the North Lake and later in the week we had 4 guys on a last minute short stay on Simon’s and what a bunch they were lucky to get here to be honest as they had a few camper home problems on the way down with the clutch, then whilst here had another problem starting it and electrical but our local garage managed to sort it out pretty quick for them, we had some right laughs with them and all the guys from the other lakes. We still had a few male fish coming out with milt pouring from them and the odd female with eggs and over the next couple of days there was a few and only a few fish getting frisky again so now hoping they have all finished for the year.

On the North again tough but with a couple of missed chances all 3 guys caught and two p/bests were broken especially young Gage who landed a cracking 46.02lb fish known as Big Eye Jack beating his p/b by 24 pounds. But that 1 fish made his week, George on Jollies managed fish to 33.00lb and the guys on Simon’s managed fish to 37.00lbs.


Week Commencing 13th June…

Our 3rd week started a little bit cooler with thunderstorms rolling in and boy did it come in on the Saturday afternoon we had over 3 inches of rain which I would say was well needed, it definitely cooled the lakes down and the air temps, but as soon as the clouds cleared the heat came bursting through again, we had 4 great guys again on the North Lake a couple of them with low /bests. And must state were only fishing two rods each.

Anyway over the weekend the storms and rain kept coming and it made a big difference. Young 17 year old Tom was going to be in for a shock on Monday evening, after dinner I went up to see the lads and the amount of fish showing and fizzing up all over the North Lake after about a hour of everybody saying “oooh look their is another one , and another and so on” so I said don’t keep saying it lets get a rig out there to the margin, so in came Tom’s rod loaded up the baitboat with some pellets/particle and boilie and sent it over 90 yards to the area I knew well and dropped it in a nice gully running along the margin, well within a hour Toms indictor started to sound with a real twitchy take and I told him to hit it and the rod bent over fish on….(I must add here the North Lake does not like slack lines, You will get done time and time again) so that’s the top tip and the bites can be so touchy, The guys did say they would not of hit that if they were in bed or it was night time…..

Back to Tom …….so after a nice battle the net was slid under a nice fish, I saw the fish and knew which fish Tom had straight away being the Grey Italian, now without letting anyone know I just said its a 40 lol ,leave it in the net and get organized, I went to get my camera from my car, when I came back we then lifted the fish out of the water and the odd comment came out this is bigger than 40lb , now me already knowing this fish was out early in the season at a spawn weight of 59 i was expecting around that weight at natural, as we zero the scales to the sling and weighed the fish she went round and settled at 58lb exactly ,as you can imagine Tom was over the moon as were the rest of the guys, must admit he struggled to hold her but we got a couple of shots of and Tom got in the water to for a couple of shots with his Dad to help out. Well done buddy he also banked another 44.00lb mirror off the same spot that night, again was a tough week but the guys caught some nice fish.


We also had this week another 3 guys who live in France arrive Weds to Sat fishing Simon’s who managed to sneak out 12 fish with some nice 30s included in the catch the guys lost a couple and was a shame they was not here for a few extra days as they were picking fish up at a steady pace, again the rain returned and it seemed to be when it rained it rained and did not stop all night, but then Thursday was hot and until the rumbles started again at dinner time when the rain/drizzle came back and rained again all night again but Friday was another hot humid dry day.

So to sum the last few weeks up been very hot with thunderstorms and heavy rain coming and going, the lakes have not been over filled with anglers, been a nightmare for us with 2 cars off the road and no internet, telephones playing up, our mower went kaboom so had to get a new one as it could not be fixed , 1 of our cats got run over by the farmer in our garden, broke my hand, I lost 1 of my 14lb personal female breeding koi’s, fixing broken toilets and the list goes on and on but that’s part of life. Anyway another quiet one this week with only a two on the North Lake.

Some sad news for us today at Eden’s Lakes, our middle son Conor who a lot of our customers and friends of Eden’s know well, has Left home to go and live with his girlfriend in the city to start a new life with new job prospects, as to be fair there is not really nothing for him where we live. He will be missed not just as our/my son but as my friend and as my right hand man helping me with my work, he has always put a lot of graft and effort into the fishery working alongside us and nothing was too much trouble for him whether it was cooking bait, cutting trees, making swims, digging ditches, clearing swims, cutting grass, feeding lakes and the list goes on. Conor has just completed 3 years doing a fishery management course here in France which he chose to do himself which we are all proud of him, he is also a fieldtester for Nash Tackle and a great angler and bailiff ..we love you ,we will miss you especially Josh but we wish you all the happiness and success in the world and please don’t be a stranger to Eden’s and try and come for a fish now and again with me -x-and I am sure everyone that has ever met you over the last 12 years in France wishes you the same xx

Regarding catches I will just put them all together for the last 3 weeks as there was not many anglers on:

North Lake…….58.00lb mirror,44.00lb mirror,38.00lb mirror,44.00lb mirror,30.00lb mirror,44.00lb common, 44.00lb grassy,31.00lb mirror, 48.00lb mirror, 32.04lb mirror,30.00lb mirror,46.02lb mirror

Jolly pads 33.00lb mirror,33.00lb mirror, 27.00lb mirror,24.00lb mirror,20.00lb mirror,19.00lb common,18.00lb common,19.08lb mirror,19.08lb mirror,,33.00lb sturgeon x2

Simon’s Lake…..39.08lb mirror,33.05lb linear,31.05lb mirror,34.00lb mirror,16.04lb mirror,27.08 ghosty/mirror,27.00lb mirror,27.08lb mirror,15.00lb mirror,37.00lb mirror,30.04lb mirror,36.08lb mirror,24.00lb common,26.00lb mirror,27.00lb mirror,19.00lb common,19.08lb mirror,16.00lb mirror,18.00lb common,15.00lb common,17.12lb mirror,33.00lb mirror,16.03lb common,14.00lb koi,15.00lb common/koi, 23.08lb mirror,30.11lb mirror,28.10lb mirror,21.02lb grassy,24.04lb mirror,24.08lb mirror,6.08lb common,33.04lb mirror

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