As another week starts the rain decided to keep falling once again so not nice for the anglers to set up in, we have Nick on Simon’s lake from Austria and Neil and John on Jolly pads and we also have Neil T and Mark exclusive on the North Lake.

Despite the rain the lads all got off to a good start banking several fish from the lakes and then the weather broke and we settled for sun cloud and a few cold nights but at least the rain held off till Thursday evening, throughout the week the fish have been coming steady to the anglers and some great fish on all the lakes including fish on Simon’s to 45.08lb and jolly pads to 36lb+ and north to 48lb+ until Thursday when Mark Cooper on the North Lake broke the North Lake record again with our second sixty of the season this time with the Box fish at 60.12lb, as you can imagine we are all very excited with 2 sixty pluses now and the thought of maybe a couple more could be still looming as we are still waiting to see some of the known fish.


On another note on Sunday Neil on Jolly pads cut his finger really badly and we had to take him to the hospital, we had a 45 minute drive and 4 hr wait due to 2 emergencies that came in as we arrived and then the drive home so to all customers please ensure you all bring your E 111 cards or private medical insurance papers as it will save time and a lot of money.

Nick didn’t fish Thursday evening as he had a long drive home on Friday but had a great result with some nice fish and all his fish came to the sticky baits krill as did the guys on jolly pads, the sticky baits are certainly starting to pay off on the lakes and are catching well with the particle and pellet approach



Please see their catch report below:

SIMON’S LAKE…..16.08common, 18.02lb common,22.00lb mirror,16.02lb common,27.00lb mirror,35.00lb mirror, 35.00lb mirror, 13.00lb common, 31.05lb mirror,37.00lb mirror, 17.00lb common,13.00lb common,23.00lb mirror,17.00lb mirror, 42.08lb mirror,45.08lb mirror
JOLLY PADS 28.10lb mirror,30.00lb sturgeon,36.00lb grassy,19.00lb mirror,19.00lbcommon,10.00lb common,19.00lb mirror, 15.00lb common, 19.00lb mirror,30.00lb mirror, 20.00lb mirror,29.05lb mirror,25.00lb mirror,15.00lb mirror,25.00lb mirror,14.00lb common,25.00lb mirror, 30.00lb sturgeon,15.00lb mirror,20.00lb mirror,4.00lb common,16.00lb common, 26.05lb mirror,22.00lb common, 25.00lb mirror, 23.00lb common,16.00lb common,21.10lb mirror,25.08lb mirror, 10.00lb common, 16.00lb common, 20.00lb common,22.00lb mirror,24.00lb mirror, 25.00lb mirror,26.00lb mirror,16.00lb mirror, 16.00lb mirror,19.00lb common, 22.00lb mirror, 17.00lb mirror,18.00lb common,26.07lb mirror,26.08lb mirror, 26.08lb mirror,26.08lb mirror,25.07lb mirror, 20.04lb mirror,31.00lb mirror,18.00lb mirror,10.00lb koi,10.00lb common, 26.00lb mirror,22.00lb mirror, 18.00lb common, 16.00lb common, 23.00lb common,15.00lb common, 40.00lb grassy
NORTH LAKE 37.00lb mirror, 28.00lb mirror,43.00lb mirror,48.00lb mirror, 48.10lb mirror, 50.10lb mirror,60.12lb mirror and new lake record and second sixty of the season

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