1st August to 8th and 8th August to 15th

1st August to 8th and 8th August to 15th

Very hard post to write this week 1st August but an honest one, must be the worst week in 5 seasons at Edens for catch reports, there has been a few nice fish caught but not massive numbers. I can write about conditions and all that crap all day long but I won’t It was just one of those weeks where nothing went right fish didn’t want to play and loads of missed chances to the anglers and lost fish and hook pulls and so on and that’s on all 3 lakes which was a shame as when fishing hard every opportunity should of been landed but again I have no answers to that, good bunch of guys had some laughs too just a shame about fishing but it happens. Rigs were being used in Simons lake due to the very hot weather and a few fish were caught but there were also a lot lost and we are still retrieving rigs 2 weeks later which I am not happy about as I did not know about all the lost tackle, anyway we had a few storms roll in overnight and is now still raining and cooled down again and the fish have definitely started moving around, we have anglers on all 3 lakes again this week 8th August, so let’s see what happens.


Again a funny week 8th August but Jolly Pads came to life and is fishing well but the other two lakes are not responding ,the fish are showing and the guys are having runs but for some reason cannot hold on to them and have kept losing them. The weather has been so up and down with hot sunny days and then cold rainy days. I do not know whether I am coming or going so god knows what the fish are going through, but was nice to see a few old faces this week and had a few socials at the house as its not all about fishing with them. As the lads on Jolly pads were doing so well also this week they also let the guys have a few hours here and there fishing their lake for a few runs as they were struggling so fair play to Danny and Ryan very sporting of you lads and well done on having a great week and having a break some evenings.


A big thank you to all the anglers over the last few weeks as it has been hard fishing at times but they stuck at it and for some were rewarded and a bit disappointed for a couple of others. So below is a list of fish that have been caught from the lakes.

SIMON’S: 15.00lb mirror,35.00lb mirror,15.00lb common,32.00lb mirror,30.00lb common,21.00lb mirror,28.00lb mirror….,LOST 15

JOLLY PADS: 9.10lb common,18.11lb mirror,16.03lb common,4.00lb mirror LOST ?


NORTH LAKE 37.08lb grassy Lost 3

SIMONS LAKE 30.00lb mirror,37.08lb mirror,31.00lb common,

and the lads fished a few hours here and there on Jolly Pads for fish of 19.00lb common,23.12lb common,22.08lb mirror,24.04lb mirror,18.05lb common,19.05lb mirror,26.00lb mirror,20.08lb mirror

JOLLY PADS… 20.10lb mirror,24.10lb mirror,29.07lb mirror,8.04lb mirror,21.12lb mirror,28.00lb mirror,6.13lb mirror,24.04lb common,18.06lb mirror,25.14lb mirror,21.12lb common,14.05lb mirror,26.04lb mirror,21.13lb mirror,23.10lb mirror,9.04lb common,25.03lb mirror,17.00lb mirror,24.02lb mirror,16.02lb common,20.05lb mirror,21.13lb common,11.00lb mirror,17.00lb mirror,21.14lb mirror,16.00lb mirror,6.14lb mirror,17.00lb mirror,18.03lb mirror,22.00lb mirror,27.04lb mirror,9.08lb common,8.00lb common,19.14lb mirror,13.03lb mirror,24.03lb common,21.12lb mirror,11.14lb common,21.02lb mirror,20.11lb mirror,22.02lb mirror,15.11lb mirror,15.12lb mirror,20.14lb mirror,18.05lb mirror,8.05lb ghosty,20.14lb common

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