Well that’s another week gone of the season, the weeks are going so fast now and we will be into winter shut down mode soon. Great group of guys this week and fished hard in difficult conditions at times with a couple of days of horrible rain and wind and really cold conditions at night. Just as it starts to settle down with mild temps through the day and night it is the end of the week for them and it’s not just the weather either, the lakes are playing hard ball too which makes fishing even more difficult for the anglers. The fish really don’t know what is going on either with all these up and downs in the weather fronts and high/low pressures, hot and cold days/nights,one day they will feed the next few days they won’t which can be very frustrating for the anglers as well as us.

Eden's Lakes - Carp Fishing Catch Report

But on a good note Jolly Pads did manage to bank 32 fish to 30.00lb Simon’s 1 fish and the North Lake 3 fish to 45.00lb+. The numbers could have been a little higher on the totals but with a few fish lost/missed/hook pulls etc. but that’s fishing for you and happens to us all at some point. So well done to all the guys this week for putting in a great effort and battling till the end, I look forward to seeing some of your pictures and you all again in the future.

Jolly Pads…21.00lb common, 23.00lb mirror,29.00lb common,20.04lb common,19.00lb common,19.00lb common18.00lb mirror,19.00lb mirror,22.00lb mirror,19.00lb common,24.05lb mirror,24.08lb mirror,21.08lb mirror,29.08lb mirror,20.02lb mirror,20.04lb mirror,23.02lb common,9.00lb common,20.04lb mirror,17.08lb mirror,22.14lb common,9.00lb common,30.00lb mirror,11.00lb common,22.00lb mirror,23.00lb mirror,24.08lb mirror,22.00lb mirror,13.00lb ghost koi,19.00lb mirror

North Lake…42.00lb mirror,23.00lb mirror ??? 45.00lb mirror

Simon’s Lake 26.08lb mirror,

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