18th – 25th April Catch Report

18th – 25th April Catch Report


Another frustrating week with temperatures soaring and the carp not wanting to play ball, well not all of them.

On the Jolly Pads lake we welcomed back Jonny and Eric for their 3rd trip to Eden’s Lakes along with their friends Anthony and Ryan who were experiencing their first ever French trip and on the North lake we had Mike, Mick, Benny and Phil.


Jolly Pads Lake started well with a fair few fish being banked with a few doubles and some good 20s. Anthony banked a cracking 42lb fish smashing his p/best although he had already beaten this a few times earlier on the trip. With the hot days and the nights starting to hold the temperatures the lakes started to warm up. This resulted in the carp getting a bit frisky and spawning on the Jolly Pad Lake which slowed down the fishing for the lads. However they still managed to net a few more, finishing with the trip with 28 fish, the heaviest a respectable 42.00lb, ooh and they managed to catch a wicked sun tan!


A bit of a different story on the North Lake, early doors Benny landed a 30.00lb grassy within the first day and then the fish just switched off in the heat. They started shoaling up in the shallows, bloodworm hatches, tadpoles and even the roach started spawning. I normally guess two weeks after the roach on the North Lake the carp start spawning due to the depth of the lake as it takes a lot longer to warm up.

The carp were just milling around with a few showing now and again, but with a couple of opportunities missed it was time to start pulling the hair out time for us all, but it didn’t matter what the lads tried they just couldn’t get the carp to pick up the rigs.

The days went by and the weather started to cool down and get a bit more settled. The clouds rolled in in the early hours of Friday morning and the lake started to come alive with another fish of 47.00lb on the bank to Mike and with just 24 hours to go he was at it again landing another 3 carp after breakfast.

Happy days, weather perfect, fish showing everywhere and moving around and after dinner it was Micks turn with two quick runs to land two more carp to 38.08lb, but that was it regarding any more fish caught as night fell!


It was a shame the lads didn’t have another day or two as the lake was just coming together for them, but well done to all the guys for sticking to it and working hard as it came good in the end with a few nice fish to end the week! Cheers again lads and will see you all again soon best wishes Dene and all the family!

North Lake…30.00lb grassy, 28.00lb mirror,38.08lb mirror, 33.00lb mirror,39.00lb mirror, 44.00lb common, 47.00lb mirror

Jolly pads lake…23.00lb mirror, 25.08lb common, 26.12lb mirror,22.00lb mirror,17.08lb mirror,21.08lb mirror, 21.08lb common,21.00lb mirror, 21.08lb mirror,29.00lb mirror, 23.00lb mirror,16.12lb mirror,29.08lb sturgeon,23.00lb mirror,15.02lb linear,22.12lb mirror,17.14lb mirror,11.08lb f/s mirror,28.04lb mirror, 18.08lb mirror,42.00lb grassy,17.04lb mirror,28.00lb common, 18.00lb mirror,16.00lb mirror,37.00lb grassy,29.08lb grassy,19.10lb mirror

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