Bit of a quiet week with simons lake on the go but what a great bunch of lads that won this holiday through carping for hero’s comp we donated to

and one of our regulars Sam parker on jolly pads and what a hectic week he had,with 78 fish to 42.11lb and hardly fished a night due to the amount of action he had,so really he fished into dark and once he had a fish the rods stayed in lol,he had many double and triple takes at time but lost a few fish as being on his own he certainly put out several bins of particle and sacks of pellet that week,so well done Sam great week buddy


33.00lb mirror,22.04lb mirror,31.05lb mirror,36.00lb mirror,30.00lb mirror,30.11lb mirror,30.00lb sturgeon,30.11lb mirror 26.08lb mirror.2914lb mirror,23.09lb mirror,37.00lb mirror,31.00lb mirror,29.04lb mirror,24.00lb common,24.10lb mirror,22.00lb mirror,26.00lb mirror,22.04,lb mirror,19.08lb mirror,14.08lb mirror,22.12lb mirror 34.00lb mirror,

Jolly Pads….Sams awesome catch report

17.00lb common,22.03lb mirror,31.00lb mirror,25.15lb mirror,15.11lb mirror,13.00lb mirror,15.00lb mirror,26.00lb mirror,16.09lb mirror,18.04lb mirror,19.04lb mirror,19.04lb common,16.00lb mirror,19.04lb mirror,18.02lb mirror,14.00lb common,21.00lb mirror,22.00lb mirror,20.05lb mirror,20.07lb mirror,20.03lb mirror,25.05lb common,21.04lb mirror,16.09lb mirror,20.00lb linear,17.00lb common,17.00lb common,19.15lb koi,29.00lb mirror,19.01lb mirror,17.00lb mirror,20.04lb mirror,27.01lb mirror,23.03lb mirror,29.01lb mirror,25.07lb mirror,23.14lb mirror 14.09lb common 23.14lb common 14.00lb common,19.00lb mirror,20.05lb mirror,19.00lb mirror,25.01lb mirror,16.00lb mirror,16.00lb mirr,23.10lb mirror,25.10lb mirror.5.00lb mirror,17.00lb mirror,23.00lb mirror,8.00lb koi,19.00lb mirror,20.02lb mirror,25.02lb common,26.00lb mirror,31.10lb mirror,23.00lb common 26,oolb mirror,5.00lb mirror,31.12lb mirror,17.00lb mirror,24.08lb mirror,22.09lb mirror,18.07lb mirror,22.15lb mirror,22.15lb mirror,25.00lb common,16.01lb mirror,42.11lb grassy,15.00lb mirror,19.02lb common,22.02lb mirror,29.00lb mirror,21.04lb common 15,02lb mirror,16.11lb mirror,21.06lb common,21.06lb mirror,26.04lb mirror,5.00lb mirror,22.00lb mirror,33.00lb mirror,20.11lb mirror

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