Another week gone by, where is this season going as the weeks seem to be flying by? We had long time returning customers Lenny, Dave and Steven and Lenny’s young lad Toby fishing on Jolly pads Lake but asked if they could have a dabble on Simon’s also which was no problem as the lake was free and with them only doing Saturday to Thursday as they couldn’t do the full week as needed to get home for a prior engagement.

With the weather so up and down all looked good for fishing as the lakes were buzzing with activity with large plumes of bubblers and fish showing, Simon’s lake started slow again as did the North Lake where we had again Phil and Martin returning and bringing some friends this year and decided to have a crack at the North Lake. But Jolly Pads was still producing fish as it has done now for a few weeks, my mind is just a mess trying to figure the other two lakes out.


After a few days everything started to settle down and the guys on Jolly Pads were storming ahead with fish and Antony bagged one of our stunners from the North Lake at 35.00lb and then a 40.00lb common during the night so things started looking bright as the week went on, Lenny managed to get a couple of nice 30s out of Simon’s lake also. But now the hot weather has returned and the fishing started to slow again for the guys, then a result as Lee on the North Lake popped out a new North Lake 50.00lb mirror but as the photos were being done at 2am they had problems with his camera so could only manage a couple of shots on his phone so not the best quality such a shame.


Lost Tackle!!!

Also the last few weeks and this week I have made some serious discoveries in our lakes the amount of tackle that has been discarded/lost on fish and lost in general I.E snap offs because snagged on bottom on a rock etc., lost on fish, crack offs and what other reasons have left multiple amounts of rigs and line in all 3 lakes and not one has been reported in to me, and I must say I mention it every week, anyway my anglers caught our sturgeon Merve in Jolly pads this week wrapped in lines and has caused some serious damage to the fish where I was left with two options Kill it OR try and save it and perform surgery and hope for the best, so I/we did the latter and the two gashes that were all the way around the flank of the fish have been stitched up and the wounds are now closed and fins repaired. Full stories on our Facebook page with pictures of the fish and procedure, I will do a separate blog on the dangers of lost tackle and this matter at a later date. But all the anglers need to do is notify me regarding any lost tackle no one is in trouble it’s so I can monitor what’s out in the lakes and if it’s loads of line I can at least have a go at retrieving them.

North Lake 35.00lb mirror,40.01lb common,50.00lb mirror,

Jolly pads 23.04lb common,21.00lb mirror,26.05lb sturgeon,25.05lb common,24.00lb common,20.00lb mirror,20.00lb mirror,15.00lb common,17.04lb common,13.04lb ghosty,24.00lb mirror,24.08lb mirror,26.05lb mirror,11.00lb mirror,10.00lb mirror,25.00lb mirror,26.08lb sturgeon,22.00lb mirror,14.00lb common,26.08 mirror,23.08lb mirror,20.00lb mirror,20.00lb mirror,15.06lb common,15.04lb mirror,10.12lb mirror,20.00lb mirror,26.08lb mirror,18.00lb common,20.00lb mirror,18.00lb common,18.00lb common,15.00lb mirror,28.00lb mirror,20.00lb common,19.00lb mirror,20.04lb mirror,26.08lb mirror,19.00lb mirror 18.00lb common

35.05lb mirror,31.00lb common From Simon’s for Lenny

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