As the title says it’s been another hot week here at Eden’s with temperatures reaching 40+ degrees some days and the evenings staying between 26-30 degrees, with little or no breeze some days.

We were lucky that it was a quiet week for us with just 4 great guys on Simon’s Lake, Daan, Sam, Antony and Dave. What a great group of guys and we all had a great laugh together with plenty of banter which was really good to see between the group as at times the fishing was very hard and slow but was a few good fish being caught for a couple of the guys. I spent a few days/evenings also down on the lakes with them for a bit of support and trying to tweak a few things for them and try things a little bit different but in all fairness they were not doing much wrong but was worth a try, and again the lads tried and stuck to plans and eventually all of them during the week all broke their p/bests some smashing them several times especially Dann with a 38.04lb,then 39.01lb and a 42.02lb mirrors as well as other carp, Antony had a 39.00lb mirror, Sam had the 39.00lb Grassie and Dave had a 35.10lb mirror.


We also had a few afternoons having a stalk on Jolly Pads Lake as there is some big grass carp in there and a few of the lads wanted to see if they could catch one, and on the very first day of trying Sam had a 39.00lb one out, and Dann had Merv the sturgeon at 27.08lb, but it was fun having a break out of the sun sitting in the shade fishing with one rod to see what they would catch and all the lads had a go and all caught a few fish this way. Great bunch of guys miss them already look forward in catching up with them again in the future.


Catch report

9.00lb mirror,28.00lb mirror,39.00lb mirror,17lb mirror,8.00lb mirror,25.00lb mirror,27.08lb mirror,22.03lb mirror,17.04lb mirror,18.00lb mirror,24.00lb mirror,8.00lb common,17.00lb common,35.10lb mirror,7.00lb common,17.05lb common,25.04lb mirror,39.00lb grassie,17.00lb mirror,23.00lb mirror,26.00lb mirror,21.00lb mirror,23.00lb common24.00lb mirror,24.05lb mirror,38.04lb mirror,29.08lb mirror,27.08lb sturgeon,39.01lb mirror,42.02lb mirror,22.00lb mirror,24.00lb mirror

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