Again another wet start to the week but warm at times until the wind picks up,the evening temps are still dropping also,but when the sun does come out to play it is hot hot hot,and the fish are getting very moody and shoaling up in groups,hugging margins and the overhangs,so if the temps do hold for the next week or so we could be looking at spawning on simons and jolly pads,anyway this week we have a great bunch of lads and have split between simons and jolly pads,now as events turn,Danny the oldest in the group and first ever trip to france well the only words i can say is between sleep he smashed it,well done buddy,certainly showed all the youngsters and fancy rigs up lol,no really it was a tough week for all (except) danny but some great fish out all the same so Dave ,Danny,scott,chris,jaimie well done under all the weather changes and moody fish…..by the way THEY STARTED SPAWNING AFTER YOU LEFT.

simon’s …27.08lb sturgeon,36.04lb mirror,28.00lb mirror,18.00lb mirror,22.00lb mirror,30.14lb mirror,31.00lb mirror,27.08lb mirror,34.00lb mirror,,36.00lb+ mirror,36.00lb mirror,28.00lb mirror,30.08lb mirror,28.00lb mirror,27.00lb mirror,27.14lb sturgeon

jolly pads…26.08lb mirror,17.10lb common,22.05lb commonm20.14lb mirror,24.06lb mirror,23.02lb mirror,21.02lb mirror,22.12lb mirror,18.12lb mirror,25.12lb mirror,20.08lb common,15.08lb mirror,21.15lb mirror,23,12lb mirror,23.08lb mirror,36.04lb mirror,24.00lb mirror,25.12lb mirror,25.08lb common,25.06lb mirror,22.04lb mirror,22.04lb mirror,20.10lb mirror,23.00lb mirror,18.00lb mirror,29.00lb mirror,15.01lb mirror,22.04lb mirror,22.08lb mirror,22.05lb mirror,29.06lb mirror,23.04lb mirror,25.06lb mirror,38.00lb grassy,33.14lb mirror,19.00lb mirror

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