10 Sept to 17th Sept Awesome week

10 Sept to 17th Sept Awesome week

As the title states what a awesome week for all 3 lakes,although the start of the week was still very hot, the long over due rain has finally returned and plenty of it cooling the lakes down which the fish did not mind at all. The fishing continued steady from the previous week and some very nice carp graced the anglers nets breaking several personal bests on all the lakes, not only were there just big carp but some awesome looking fish too.As the week went on the rain continued and became very heavy and non stop for the last 5 days and is now the 18th sept.But well done to all the anglers this week you all worked hard and were rewarded with some great fish,had some great banter with the lads too,Look forward in seeing you all again soon,have put a few pics up of Jolly pads,North lake,but have not got the pics off the simon lake lads as yet as they left early yesterday and was in a mad rush as they were running late,so hopefully will post them once received,if I receive them !!!

Again though not sure what has gone on this season but the amount of hook pulls every week is becoming very concerning as is the amount of lost tackle once again being removed from fish being caught from all the lakes this week.Is it down to over playing them too hard and not loose clutches ?All reels must be set right on the clutches is that not the norm ?… shit hooks maybe ?,too small of patterns and blunt and not changing the rigs enough ?,there baits are way too big/large double baits/snowman set ups to big with size of baits,long hairs with the small hooks maybe ? who really knows or is it just the carp being cute,regarding the lines I do know about, I have had peeps turn round and say they have had to put the brakes on as they could not stop the fish running ???? hence losing 130+ yards of line….o m g….

we have had a 32lb mirror in Simon’s wrapped in two rigs and lines both the same and in Jolly pads Lake had a rig so far down the carps throat I could not remove it , couldn’t even get to it through the gill covers so had to cut it as far as i could,I am very disgusted that every week i talk to the anglers about reporting the lost tackle and crack offs and lost rigs in fish but of course I get the odd one that reports it but what about the other ones with yards and yards of line which I do not know about,For 2017 season I will have a much better system in place

North Lake….41.10lb mirror,36.10lb mirror,43.00lb mirror,36.09lb mirror,40.00lb mirror,26.00lb apple slice mirror,52.13lb mirror,36.10lb mirror,43.15lb mirror,40.01lb mirror,34.00lb mirror,53.11lb mirror

SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC 14295608_1039096956212159_1002413960_n

Simon’s Lake…32.00lb mirror,26.12lb mirror,16.04lb koi,16.00lb mirror,28.00lb mirror,17.08lb common,23.10lb mirror,35.12lb mirror,16.08lb ghosty koi,38.08lb mirror,27.00lb mirror,16.00lb mirror,41.00lb mirror,38.12lb mirror,31.08lb mirror,26.04lb mirror,21.00lb mirror,23.00lb mirror,30.00lb mirror,41.00lb mirror,47.00lb mirror,27.00lb mirror,25.00lb mirror



Jolly Pads lake…16.10lb mirror,14.00lb mirror,18.10lb common,22.00lb mirror,26.00lb mirror,18.10lb mirror,16.08lb mirror,21.00lb mirror,40.08lb grassy,26.00lb mirror,31.08lb mirror,26.00lb common,26.02lb mirror,24.10lb common,17.08lb common,24.02lb mirror,13.02lb common,32.10lb mirror,22.08lb mirror,28.08lb mirror,17.08lb mirror,40.08lb grassy,26.08lb mirror,30.05lb mirror,16.08lb mirror,28.08lb common,8.00lb common,18.10lb mirror,47.10lb grassy,18.00lb common,28.08lb linear mirror,34.08lb mirror,18.02lb common,16.08lb linear mirror,15.05lb mirror,20.00lb common,23.00lb mirror,20.00lb mirror,

IMG_0508 IMG_0497 IMG_0473 IMG_0463 IMG_0443 IMG_0357 IMG_0338 IMG_0217 IMG_0276


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